Book 01 Chapter 01.02 - Little Evil God
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The Defeated Saintess Is On A Journey To Tame The Evil God Book 01 Chapter 01.02 - Little Evil God

"That depends. At that time, if I like your city, I might build my base in it~"

When Aurora spoke, a sinister gleam streaked across her blood-red eyes, causing Xing Mo to shiver.

The lass... sure enough, she is a little Evil God... Anyway, I need to find a way to drive her away...

However, to banish an Evil God, it is easier said than done. The lass is a God. In order to banish her, a large-scale ritual magic is needed...

I need to return to the Citadel first, and then report this to Instructor and discuss how to proceed forward.

And... why have I become a girl? Will I be able to revert?

Xing Mo secretly sighed in her heart.

Anyway, I need to placate the lass first.

Although she is powerful, but her mentality seems to be that of a small girl. Playing the role of her servant doesn't seem to be too difficult.

After making a cool-headed assessment, Xing Mo came to the conclusion that escape was out of the question, leaving her with only one choice.

She will play the role of Aurora's Saintess and pretend to help her, all the while biding her time and looking for an opportunity to drive her away in one go!

That's really a shameful plan... I am a guardian of the Citadel, a Bell Protector of the White Tower, But now I'm going to betray the Goddess and become a servant of an Evil God?

The Goddess will surely forgive me... this can't be considered a betrayal...

Xing Mo raised her head, looked straight at Aurora sitting on top of her, and summoned her courage: "If you want me to help you infiltrate the Citadel, then we'll need to sign a contract."

Curses! Why does my voice sound so lovely and pitiful! It's as if it is coming from a pitiful girl!

Xing Mo secretly balled her fists under the blanket, while Aurora burst into a brilliant smile: "Oh? You want to make a deal with an Evil God? This is the first time I've seen such a... clever character like you."

"You must promise not to hurt people and not to reveal your identity." Xing Mo said stubbornly.

Aurora paused for a moment, and then smiled: "Young Saintes

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