Book 01 Chapter 01.01 - Little Evil God
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The Defeated Saintess Is On A Journey To Tame The Evil God Book 01 Chapter 01.01 - Little Evil God

"To speak with me in this manner, you don't seem to have a firm grip on the current situation..."

Seeing the determined, resolute, and staunch look on the face of Xing Mo, who was pressed against the bed, the little Evil God showed a brilliant smile.

"In any case, you're serving the Goddess of the Starsea, right? The Citadel of Academia seems to have many of her churches."

"The Goddess will protect me." Xing Mo already calmed down, a firm expression on her face.

"Ah-huh?" Aurora lifted her head and looked around, "Then where is she? Why hasn't she come to save you?"

Before Xing Mo could speak, Aurora turned to look at her again, her heart-shaped pupils pulsating lightly.

"How about I mark you with my brand? This will be an act of blasphemy against her! Will she stop me? Where should I mark you? I need a flat spot..." As she spoke to herself, Aurora tore the nightgown with her hands, threw the fabric into the air, and swept with her eyes, "Um... this isn't flat... I need another place..."

"You...!" A wave of humiliation washed over Xing Mo, "Get off..."

Xing Mo finally found the right timing. As Aurora focused her attention on her body, she snapped her fingers lightly, making an unusual melodious sound.

In an instant, a pattern rippled in the air and quickly coalesced into flames that burned down the vines wrapping around Xing Mo's wrists.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xing Mo rolled out of bed and stood up, and her emerald green eyes glittered.

She subconsciously extended her hand toward the wand at her waist, but found nothing.

"Is this what you're looking for?"

Xing Mo looked up and saw Aurora -- sitting on the bed as if nothing happened -- pull out a black stick. It was Xing Mo's wand.

Before Xing Mo could speak, Aurora threw the wand at her, "Come on. Let's see you give up~"

Xing Mo caught the wand, then moved it in a circular motion, and sparks sprayed from its tip.

She didn't stop to think about why Aurora was doing this, but instead gathered her spirit, and the glow in her eyes became

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