Book 01 Chapter 02.01 - Little Trick
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The Defeated Saintess Is On A Journey To Tame The Evil God Book 01 Chapter 02.01 - Little Trick

At night, the sky was filled with stars, and a pale blue half moon was suspended high in the night sky, painting the Citadel's night in shades of blue.

In the central district, the White Tower was standing tall beneath the starry sky, its white body bathed in moonlight.

The tall tower was a sacred artifact of the Citadel. According to the outside world, the White Tower was the audience site of the Goddess of the Starsea -- people with permission can climb to the top of the tower and pray to the Goddess and receive a response.

As a result, the White Tower District located in the center of the Citadel was the most prosperous area in Academia, and it was where many high-ranking officials and distinguished individuals resided.

Their ultimate pursuit was to climb the White Tower and converse with the stars.

The Bell Protectors' headquarters were located here -- a classical Messina-style church, Holy Spirit Church.

Bell Protectors were the guardians of the Citadel, chosen by the Goddess, and they possessed tremendous power.

At this moment, atop the cathedral's bell tower, a girl in a red robe was gazing into the distance.

Besides her, a tall man -- dressed in a deep blue robe embroidered with the crest of a storming sea -- was pacing back and forth.

"That lass is always late. If the old laws still stood, she would have been sent to the guillotine!" The man growled.

"Priest, those are the old laws of your empire. They don't apply to the present." The red-robed girl glanced at him dissatisfiedly.

The Priest of the Tides puckered his lips: "You always side with her, Alice, just like with that skinny kid."

A strong wind suddenly swept the tower. A Dragon silhouette cut through the night sky and circled around the tower.

A knight in silver armor jumped off the back of the Dragon and landed on the bell tower's platform, blue frostfire spewing out from the chinks in the armor.

When the knight stood up straight, the cobblestone under their feet was already covered with a thin layer of ice.

"Vivian, you're late!" T

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