Chapter 9: Attacking the Ancient Dragon Princess
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 9: Attacking the Ancient Dragon Princess

"The Prince of Haines, the future ruler of the Empire and blood kin of Order… Rayne Haines."

There was a teleportation gate beneath Dreamland.

The Ancient Dragon Princess, Olivia, narrowed her eyes and sized up Rayne.

"As you wished, I've accepted your summon. Now, state your intentions,"

The Ancient Dragon Princess's voice was cold and stern.

She had a serious look on her face.

However, in reality, Olivia was extremely excited.

How exciting…

The person who summoned her this time round was the real Prince of Haines.

The new king who was about to replace the sickly Empress and rule over the strongest country!

Although Olivia was a Monarch, her mental state had never changed much because of her status as a Monarch of the Nether Realm.

What was the saying?

Troubles never increased or decreased because of changes in class.

Monarchs had their own troubles as well.

For example, due to the massive expansion of the Haines Empire, the number of followers of the Dragon of Lust decreased. The power of lust that she could once draw from endlessly had long diminished and could no longer fill her appetite as before!

In a few years, her garden would probably start to suffer from a famine!

This psychological weakness was also the reason why Olivia was scammed of so many dragon scales back then.

But now, the real Rayne Haines had appeared before her.

Come on, come on! State your requests!

Olivia was extremely curious as to what the Prince of Haines wanted to say to her.

On the other side.

Although Rayne felt extremely uncomfortable facing this mortal enemy of the past, he forced himself to be respectful towards her.

He said, "Before explaining the purpose of my visit and conversing, Your Highness Olivia, I hope to receive a guarantee from you."

Olivia smiled gently. "Tell me."

"Your Highness, I hope that you can guarantee that you won't use any means to spy on my thoughts."

Olivia had the ability to read minds.

However, Rayne was not willing to let others spy on his brain.

Rayne's request was not for hims

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