Chapter 8: The Strongest Imperial Guard
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 8: The Strongest Imperial Guard

The door to the Nether Realm beneath Dreamland had already opened.

The succubi stood at the side in fear and wiped their tears, mourning their tragic fate.

What the succubi did not expect was that the Imperial Guard brought by Prince Rayne was the legendary Thea Constance!

In the history of the Haines Empire, typically, the combat strength ranking of the Imperial Guards could be determined simply and crudely by the purity of their bloodlines.

The divinity of the demigod Imperial Guards produced by the Haines Empire was based on the essence of their Main God—Order.

With the same divinity and education, the lineage demigods of the Haines Empire could naturally be ranked based on the purity of their bloodlines.

However, Thea Constance was a complete exception.

Not only was she the only Imperial Guard in the history of the Haines Empire in the past thousand years who was converted from a wild demigod without any blessings, she was now also the Guard of the Capital, a historical position for the strongest Imperial Guard.

Everything made her seem extremely special.

Furthermore, unlike most demigods, Thea Constance did not seem to have any special hobbies and had almost zero interest in money and power.

Ever since she took over, she had been praying in the Church almost all day, living an ordinary life akin to the serene Buddha.

According to the insiders of the capital, Thea Constance's combat strength was clearly weaker than her six sisters due to her bloodline's purity level. However, that saying was not popular among the masses.

Could the weakest Imperial Guard be assigned to the Empress's side and serve as the Shield of the Empire to protect the lifeline of the Haines Empire?

Everyone believed that there must be a huge secret hidden in this Imperial Guard.

This Imperial Guard was probably the strongest trump card hidden in the Haines Empire.

That was also the reason why the existence of Constance was what terrified the succubi even more.

Dreamland had been operating illegally for 30 years.

As the protector of the succubi, the Imperial Guards had already treated the succubi as their own purses and could blackmail them at any moment if they were short of money.

However, Constance had no interest in such things.

All these years, the succubi had never seen this mysterious Shield of the Empire visit Dreamland even once.

But now, she was here.

Initially, the succubi merely thought that the greedy Imperial Guards wanted to join forces with the royal family to snatch away the mortal wealth they had accumulated because Dreamland was about to be liquidated.

But now, Thea Constance's appearance caused an even more terrifying guess to form in the minds of the succubi.

Did Prince Rayne bring Thea Constance with him because... he wanted to kill his way into the Nether Realm and assassinate their Ancient Dragon Princess?!

Of course, it wasn't.

Rayne glanced at the frightened succubi and naturally knew what they were thinking.

However, that was

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Translator Notes

I managed to rush out a few more chapters so I'll be releasing some this weekend too. Still need to work hard on actually creating a stockpile because life's been quite hectic recently :')

Enjoy (: 

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