Chapter 7: Degenerate Ancient Dragon Princess
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 7: Degenerate Ancient Dragon Princess

Nether Realm.

On the other end of the world that symbolized loss of control and depravity, there were countless deformed gods that were exiled.

In the middle of the Nether Realm, there was a vast forest with beautiful scenery.

That was the home of the succubi.

In the middle of the forest, on a throne made of flowers and vines, a girl with dragon horns curled up lazily.

Her slender fingers slid gently in midair, using the petals as ink to draw the beautiful dream of the previous night on the grass—

It was a dragon f*cking a car!1


The dragon girl revealed an intoxicated smile.

How perverted!

The strange dragon girl with a weird fetish on the throne was the master of the forest, the queen of the succubi. At the same time, she was a Monarch who fed on the lust of humans.

One of the strongest evil gods of the Nether Realm, the fallen Ancient Dragon Princess, the Dragon of Lust, Olivia.

At that moment, beneath the throne, a follower prostrated on the ground and trembled.

After a long time, the Ancient Dragon Princess finally noticed the visitor. She looked at the follower listlessly from her throne with bloodshot vertical eyes.

"Archduke Antoine, I don't understand. Why did your country's faith in me decrease by close to 30% this month?"

"Peerless Monarch..." The follower reported warily.

"The Haines Empire mobilized troops against our neighboring countries. Our officials are afraid we'll end up like them and are vigorously promoting the faith of the Goddess of Order."

The faith of the Goddess of Order was the state religion of the Haines Empire.

As the Haines Empire expanded, the glory of the Goddess of Order spread to other parts of the world as well.

Furthermore, it squeezed the living space of other religions continuously.

"Archduke Antoine, I don't wish for this to continue,"

Olivia pulled off a strand of hair and threw it to the follower.

"This is my dragon scale. Use it well."

The follower held her hair in reverence. "I-I understand... Peerless Monarch."

"Within a year, I want my foll

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