Chapter 6: The Loved and Distressed Imperial Guard Ladies
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 6: The Loved and Distressed Imperial Guard Ladies

Crack down... on prostitution?!

The Dragon Succubus almost cried when she heard that.

Bloody hell!

Was he f*cking with them?!

Didn't this son of a b*tch know that it was legal for them to open a brothel?

However… How could Prince Rayne not know about this?

The Dragon Succubus could not help but wonder what this prince was trying to do.

Or rather, what was he trying to investigate?

Coupled with the fact that Prince Rayne was so familiar with the local specialties of the succubi, a thought brewed in the minds of the Dragon Succubus and the other succubi instantly.

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This prince came prepared.

He had already investigated Dreamland!

In that case, there was a high chance that he already knew that Dreamland was actually an outpost built by the Dragon of Lust, Olivia, in the capital of Haines...

Had this day finally arrived...?

That was the only logical answer the Dragon Succubus could come up with in her despair.

After 30 years, the reckoning for Dreamland was finally about to begin!

In reality, the succubi had long known that this day would come.

The fact that they were living beings of the Nether Realm could not be hidden from the eyes of the demigod Imperial Guards. The reason why the Imperial Guards did not expose Dreamland till this day was because they still had some benefits to reap.

However, today, that tacit understanding was about to be broken.

The Prince of Haines who represented the Haines Empire was about to settle scores with them.

But, hmm... wait a minute.

Could this be some sort of a roleplay instead?

Suddenly, the Dragon Succubus realized something and wondered if she was being overly nervous.

Perhaps the prince was just waiting for her to raise her butt and beg for mercy?

Wouldn't it be an awkward situation if she were to kill the prince and scamper back to the Nether Realm with the other succubi just because she was overly nervous?

The Dragon Succubus chuckled apologetically, wanting to test the prince.

As for Rayne, as though he had predicted the future beforehand, he said indifferently, "Don't do any vulgar performances in such a serious situation. I'm serious."

"!!!" That sentence caused the Dragon Succubus's heart to skip a beat.

T-This person... could read her mind?!

No, how was that possible?

In any case… this prince was a little difficult to deal with. If there was really no other way, she could run to the palace to seek help from those few sl*ts. Those b*tches had taken their many for so many years, it was time for them to do something proper!

Just as the Dragon Succubus was pondering…

Rayne suddenly looked at her. "Madam, what are you thinking about?"

The Dragon Succubus: "Eh? I..."

Rayne: "Don't you understand the nature of those Imperial Guards?" "They don't have integrity or morals in their minds. Isn't it a little ridiculous to ask them for help?"

W-What was up with this person?!

This time round, the Dragon Succu

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