Chapter 10: Order's Divine Punishment
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 10: Order's Divine Punishment

With just a few words and a comical performance, Rayne managed to gain a favorable impression from Olivia.

It was true that Rayne had figured out Olivia's temper beforehand in this game and could make use of the advantage to poison her.

However, at the end of the day, it was all thanks to Olivia's subpar intelligence.

This did not mean that the Evil God Olivia was stupid and dumb.

Although she was indeed a fool, her kind and the other gods were not much better.

Gods were not omniscient. On the contrary, they were special creations that were driven by pure emotions or bound by absolute laws.

Typically, it was difficult for something like that to make a logical, intelligent judgment.

Most of the time, they merely reacted based on their innate instincts.

Search for the original.

At the end of the day, the gods of this world were all mentally ill to a certain degree.

After dispelling Olivia's suspicions towards him, Rayne could now negotiate terms.

He expressed his attitude respectfully. "As Your Highness Olivia said, I indeed lack reverence for you. However, that does not mean that I will revere other gods. I may not be able to contribute my faith to you yet, but we will definitely be able to negotiate a good collaboration."

Ha... collaboration.

It was true that fiends of the Nether Realm often loved to make deals with mortals.

However, evil gods had never bothered with such tricks.

Rather, it should be said that these mortals were not worthy of negotiating with the evil gods.

The mighty Peerless Monarchs could punish or bless all living beings casually based on their emotions. They did not have to follow any common sense and were unrestrained.

However, some living beings were exceptions.

Olivia was extremely willing to spend some effort to subdue a proud, wild horse like Rayne Haines.

She wanted this insignificant ant to gradually submit and degenerate, eventually becoming the bootlicker of her, the Ancient Dragon Princess, Olivia!

The process would indeed be... interesting!

Olivia smiled. "I hope that you can give me a satisfactory condition."

Rayne nodded. "I'm the prince of the Haines Empire. After I take over power, I'll do my best to manage your religion in the mortal world and offer you sufficient joy and enjoyment."

Olivia replied indifferently, "Yes, that's what everyone who expresses their loyalty to me says."

Rayne added unhurriedly, "However, apart from that, I also swear that after I ascend the throne, within ten years, your glory will spread to every corner of the continent along with the Haines Empire!"

The moment he said that, Olivia's heart skipped a beat.

Even Constance who had been silent at the side looked at Rayne in shock.


Olivia narrowed her eyes and scrutinized Rayne carefully.

Interesting fellow…

Suddenly, Olivia realized that she could no longer see through this mortal.

With a single sentence, she completely understood why Rayne Haines wanted to cooperate with her.

Rayne w

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