Chapter 11: Weakness of Order
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 11: Weakness of Order


She was undoubtedly the strongest among all the active gods of the Nether Realm.

At the same time, she was the Main God of the Haines Empire's faith.

It was also this goddess who contributed her bloodline thousands of years ago and imparted the method of mass producing demigods to the Haines Empire.

Furthermore, up till this day, she had been blessing the demigods of the Haines Empire continuously to ensure that the purity of their bloodlines would not be diluted with the passage of time.

She was the founder of the Haines Empire. It could be said that the reason why the Haines Empire could become the strongest country in the current era was because of the favor of the Goddess of Order.

The Haines Empire did not let down the expectations of Order. The country had an extremely firm belief in order and would execute every edict of Order without holding back.

As for the reason why Order wanted to create the strongest Empire in the mortal world, it was naturally not because the citizens of the Haines Empire were pious and firm in their faith.

It was to maintain the balance of the mortal world.

Just like her true name, Order pursued absolute stability.

Given the inferior nature of humans, they would naturally not be satisfied if the mortal world was unified.

The flames of war would only extend into the skies until they reached the palace of the gods.

That was something that the gods were unwilling to see.

The god in charge of managing the mortal world and preventing such malicious events was none other than Order.

In the simplest words, her management method of the mortal world was to cleverly support a few countries that hated one another and make them hostile to one another, maintaining a dangerous balance.

As for the Haines Empire, it was the final adjustment device for Order to maintain that dangerous balance.

The demigod Imperial Guards of the Haines Empire possessed the strongest combat strength in the mortal world. Furthermore, they could ignore physical distance and teleport to every corne

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