Chapter 12: Fall of the Demigods, Extreme Joy
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 12: Fall of the Demigods, Extreme Joy

That was the end of it.

Olivia's interview with Rayne had ended.

After understanding Rayne's intentions and confirming that he was not a pure fool…

Olivia decided to accept Rayne's cooperation.

"As you wish, Rayne Haines. I'll regard you as an exceptional contractor and grant you strength as well as provide you with support and suggestions… Fu, let us work together for a win-win situation."

At this point, Olivia changed the topic.

Olivia said, "However, save the effort of unifying the mortal world. I don't believe that you have the capability."

Rayne Haines: "Didn't you just say that you'll help me?"

Olivia revealed a smile that was blatantly seductive. "I need you to give me some more practical sacrifices, Rayne Haines. The mortal world is not something you can reach right now. Why don't… you start with some small matters around you?"

Rayne already knew what this b*stard wanted to do.

However, he had to pretend to be ignorant.

"You mean to say…?"

Olivia said, "I heard that the Imperial Guards of the Haines Empire have to maintain their chastity for the sake of their beliefs?"

Rayne replied, "Yes, they are the embodiment of the goddess in the human world. Loving mortals is a blasphemy against the goddess. This is something that the Church will never allow."

Of course, breeding was an exception.

Basically, every single Imperial Guard of the Haines Empire was not allowed to have any close relationship with the opposite sex in their lives. This was not only because of their beliefs, but also for practical benefits.

The demigod Imperial Guards possessed the purest bloodline of the goddess in the entire empire and they would almost certainly be the incubators of the next generation of Imperial Guards.

A demigod was not a true god after all. As long as they did not have a 100% pure bloodline, they would still have a lifespan limit. Furthermore, they would be no different from mortals and might even have a shorter lifespan.

Therefore, whether a demigod Imperial Guard could produce a qualified successor under the control o

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