Chapter 13: Blessing of the Evil God
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 13: Blessing of the Evil God

The main entrance of Dreamland.

Rayne bid farewell to the succubi with Constance.

Rayne said, "I'll make a move first. I'll come look for you guys when I've thought about how I should use you guys."

The succubi bowed to Rayne and said respectfully in unison,

"Take care, master!"

Rayne smiled and waved to the succubi before leaving.

The transaction with Olivia was completed successfully.

Rayne became a collaborator that was personally decided by Olivia and received the first blessing from her.


At the end of the transaction, Olivia mentioned that she hoped to enjoy the moment of Constance's fall into depravity.

Rayne's official reply was…

"You're dreaming."

After knowing the origin of Constance's bloodline, anyone would understand the special status this demigod girl had towards the mortal and even this world.

She was even rarer and nobler than ordinary demigod Imperial Guards.

If the fall of the Imperial Guards was comparable to a feast for Olivia…

In that case, Constance would definitely be the final main dish.

Naturally, in order to enjoy this main dish, Olivia would have to pay an equivalent price for it.

She wanted to start off with a freebie?

No way! She might as well go f*ck Order first!

Rayne knew very well that at the current stage, he only had so many cards that could interest Olivia.

The key was to see how much resources Rayne could squeeze out from Olivia with those cards.

As for Constance's first night, it was Rayne's greatest bargaining chip.

He could not use it casually.


That would be very unfair to Constance. There was no way Rayne would humiliate his beloved who had accompanied him through a thousand reincarnations just to please this evil god.

The transaction with the Nether Realm had always been so ridiculous.

Fiends did not desire wealth or treasures, but emotions.

Extremely strong emotions.

For example, fiends would give the poor a pile of gold just so they could taste the ecstasy of the moment the poor obtained the wealth.

Or perhaps, they would not mind using a bunch of wo

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