Chapter 14: Second Imperial Guard
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 14: Second Imperial Guard

He visited Dreamland to meet the Dragon Princess, Olivia, and successfully struck a dirty deal with her.

At this point, Rayne seemed to have achieved initial victory with his actions.

However, his troubles have only just begun.

Before long, some interested parties found out about Rayne taking an Imperial Guard with him to spend money in Dreamland.

For them, that was good news.

The Empress had been ill for a long time and her body was deteriorating. The crystal throne of the empire might welcome a new master soon.

Naturally, it was impossible for everyone in the entire Haines Palace to support that hedonistic, playboy young prince.

Rayne Haines.

To many people, he did not have the ability to rule over an empire.

Therefore, before Rayne came out of Dreamland, news had already spread to the palace through the messenger incantation.

In a garden in the palace.

Two civil officials were chatting.

"Is this information reliable?"

"Don't worry, newcomer. It's very reliable! A long time ago, His Highness the grand prince1 bribed the beggars in the capital. As long as we spend a few bags of copper coins a day, we can get these beggars to watch over the entire capital for us—even the Imperial Guards won't notice them."

"To think that… Rayne Haines would dare to head to Dreamland."

"He's a divine descendant with the bloodline of the God of Crystal, yet he went to fornicate with those filthy and lowlife fiends. He's blaspheming against the gods!"

"Finally, he has fallen to such a state as well. After this, he'll probably be even more notorious in the palace."

"Most of the people in the palace are foolish and loyal nerds. No matter how bad Rayne's reputation is, it won't stop them from being loyal to the Emperor Haines. Do you know what's the most important thing right now?"


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"We have to let the Empress know about this!"


"We should let Her Majesty recognize the truth as soon as possible. Rayne is a useless piece of trash with a vile mind and foolishness. The throne should still be inherited by the wise grand prince!"

"However, the Empress… has always doted on the prince. I'm afraid this will be difficult."

"Then we'll tell the Empress that the prince has colluded with the followers of the evil dragon in Dreamland! He has already secretly converted to the evil god!"

"Huh?! This is a complete fabrication! There's no way we can prove this!"

"But Rayne… does he have evidence to prove that he didn't do it?"

"F*ck, that makes sense…"

Dreamland was a gathering place of fiends controlled by the followers of the evil dragon—this matter was already a semi-open secret of the Empire.

However, because Dreamland had indeed contributed a large amount of revenue to the empire, coupled with the protection of many Imperial Guards, no one could touch the group of succubi.

The beggars hired by the grand prince merely saw Prince Rayne enter Dreamland.

As for Prince Rayne's relationship with the evil dragon an

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