Chapter 15: Quasigod
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 15: Quasigod

There was a secret in the capital.

The omnipotent Imperial Guards could use surveillance magic to its limits such that the entire capital was under the surveillance of this group of demigods 24 hours a day.

Be it the commoners or even the Empress, theoretically, everyone was always under their watch.

It was as though the Crystal Goddess was looking down at the mortal world from the heavens.

Her daughters could also see through the mortal world with ease and control the entire situation.

The officials of Haines were basically well aware of this.

However, when one was locked on by these demigods despite the vast amount of complicated information flowing through…

That fear was still enough to make one shudder.

Nothing good would come out of being visited by the Imperial Guards.

Among the current Imperial Guards, Hela's bloodline was ranked third in purity.

She fit the stereotype of the Imperial Guards in the eyes of ordinary people.

Beautiful, powerful, greedy, cold-blooded and perverted…

Against Hela, the two guilty civil officials lowered their heads hurriedly, leaving only fear in their hearts.

As for Hela, she seemed to be in a good mood with a friendly smile on her face.

"What's wrong? You're not talking?"

The two civil officials shuddered.

Due to the high purity of her bloodline of the goddess, the appearance of the black-haired beauty before them was naturally closer to that of a god and possessed a shocking charm that was almost divine.

Just by looking at her, one's heart would flutter.

If one was alone with her, he would definitely fall in love with her like a lunatic.

This was the magic of the gods and was a manifestation of their power to absorb faith.

With a joyful smile, her tone was light and her eyes were kind, as though she was easy to get along with…

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This sl*t merely loved to smile!

Be it on the battlefield or in the palace, she was an executioner drenched in blood.

Although she had killed many foreign enemies, she had persecuted many political enemies as well.

She was as brazen as she could be and was unwilling to be restrained.

In any case, nobody dared to blame her either.

"Lady Hela…"

The civil officials endured the pressure in their hearts and said truthfully.

"We just heard that Prince Rayne was bewitched by the evil dragon and went to Dreamland to fornicate with those fiends…"

Hela asked, "So, you guys intend to tell the Empress about this?"

Suddenly, the civil officials had an epiphany and asked in shock, "Lord Hela, are you already on the side of the prince?"

"No, I'm not on any sides!"

Hela chuckled. "However, think about it. Rayne Haines visited Dreamland and even activated the door to the Nether Realm to meet the evil dragon, Olivia… Don't you think that information is worth a lot of money?"

Those words were like thunder from a clear sky.

The two civil officials were so shocked that their hearts raced.

"Y-You mean to say that Prince Rayne has really gone to meet the ev

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