Chapter 16: Love at First Sight
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 16: Love at First Sight

Chapter 16: Love at First Sight

The perception of a demigod was extremely strong. Even without using any spells, they could easily monitor units the size of a town with their innate blessings.

As for Dreamland…

Hela could naturally monitor every single move of this unit that was built two streets away from the imperial palace.

However, it was a pity that there was a powerful Nether Realm barrier beneath Dreamland that was enough to block Hela's detection.

Therefore, the only thing Hela could sense previously was that not long after Rayne entered Dreamland, the aura of the true form of the evil dragon suddenly burst forth beneath Dreamland.

However, apart from that, Hela did not know the details.

Of course, it was enough for her to understand things to this point.

The Haines Empire was a country with an extremely powerful religious faction.

In this country, there was only a single belief.

It belonged to the strongest human god—the Crystal Goddess, Order.

In such a country, one was practically doomed to be labeled a heretical.

It was almost certain that once the truth was exposed, Prince Rayne's inheritance rights would cease to exist and he would face a religious trial personally with a high chance of losing his life.


Hela did not want to blow things up.

This had nothing to do with Rayne.

Hela was not interested in the politics of the Haines Empire nor did she have any evil intentions towards the grand prince and prince. In any case, no matter who took over, they would not mistreat the Imperial Guards.

Even if the prince died, she would not feel any heartache.


Right now, she had a sister who was embroiled in this matter as well.

In the end, Hela did not visit the grand prince.

Instead, she decided to blackmail Prince Rayne.

Hela only used a split second to lock onto Rayne's location.

At that moment, Rayne had just returned from Dreamland.

After returning to the palace, he parted ways with Constance. According to the schedule given to him by the palace, he still had a sword t

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