Chapter 17: Transaction Between the Imperial Guards
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 17: Transaction Between the Imperial Guards

After bidding farewell to Rayne, Constance noticed that there were no Imperial Guards guarding the Church. Thereafter, she prepared to return to the Church and continue with her daily prayer ceremony.

However, she stopped halfway.

That was because she had noticed the meeting between Rayne and Hela.

The area of the palace was too cramped for the Imperial Guards and Constance could clearly hear the conversation between Rayne and Hela.

Hela seemed like she wanted something from Prince Rayne.

However, for some reason, Hela failed.

Hela was not someone who would give up on benefits.

Constance was sure Hela would definitely come looking for her soon.


A dimensional tear appeared in front of Constance and the coquettish black-haired beauty walked out with a smile.

Hela beckoned to Constance with a bright smile. "Thea, are you free this afternoon? Do you want to have tea together?"

In the garden of the palace, Constance and Hela sat under a pavilion, sipping afternoon tea.

Thea and Hela, the two stunning beauties, decorated the sea of flowers behind them with their bodies, forming a wonderful scenery.

However, this was a beautiful scenery that no one dared to admire.

Hela said, "Speaking of which, I actually saw you working for Prince Rayne today?"

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Constance replied indifferently, "He's the future Emperor."

The future Emperor…

Yes, Rayne was indeed the successor to the throne in theory.

Unfortunately, this prince did not know that governing a country was not as simple as sleeping with someone's wife.

Hela asked curiously, "Thea, do you really believe that guy can be the Emperor?"

Constance nodded gently. "Yes, I believe so."

Constance's tone was sincere.

She was speaking from the bottom of her heart…

"Thea, it's not wise to take sides so early,"

Hela was a little helpless. "The fight for power in the royal family has nothing to do with us. Thea, the Imperial Guards never need to get involved in this mess. Although you are indebted to Prince Rayne, there's no need for you to… forget it, let's not talk about him anymore."

At the mention of Rayne, Hela could not help but recall that handsome back view. She could not help but feel her mind go into chaos once more.

Hela shook her head gently and avoided the topic of Rayne, getting straight to the point.

"Thea, you know what I'm here for."

Constance replied, "Yes, I know."

In reality, there was nothing much to talk about between the two Imperial Guards.

As an Imperial Guard, Constance's perception could also cover the entire city. Furthermore, she was very clear about her sister's capabilities and her character.

Although Hela knew about those things, Constance knew that Hela knew about them.

Similarly, Hela knew that Constance knew that she knew about them.

In any case…

With a single look, the two sisters understood each other's thoughts.

Constance said, "I understand. As long as you're willing to shut up, I'll give you a sat

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