Chapter 18: The Reincarnator Who Had Reincarnated a Thousand Times
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 18: The Reincarnator Who Had Reincarnated a Thousand Times

As the successor of the Haines Empire, the palace had prepared the best educational resources for Rayne.

Although Rayne was a simpleton in his first life, he still had some common sense.

As the future Emperor, there was no way he could be ignorant and incompetent.

Therefore, Rayne would study hard for most of the classes.

That was... except any classes related to combat.

Be it magic, swordsmanship or horsemanship, Rayne was not willing to put in any effort.

The reason was simple.

In the Haines Empire, even a fool knew that the Imperial Guards were the main force of this country's output. In this country where ordinary armies lacked performance, what was the use of an Emperor like Rayne practicing his sword techniques?

No matter how fierce he was, could he be fiercer than the Imperial Guards who protected him?

However, Rayne could not slack off in today's swordsmanship class.

That was because Rayne had a new teacher.

This was an important figure.

A duke of the Empire, the Marshal of the North Region Army, the initiation teacher for the swordsmanship of two generations of Imperial Guards and was lauded as the strongest mortal sword master in the Empire—Archduke Norman.

This archduke of the Empire who was in his fifties was still in his peak condition due to the tempering of his magic and martial arts. Not only did he command a large army, he was also on good terms with the Imperial Guards. The faction he led was also one of the strongest political factions in the Haines Empire.

Towards such a big shot, even the prince had to smile accordingly and try his best to please this old man.

After hitching a ride with Imperial Guard Hela, Archduke Norman retreated from the front line and returned to the capital to rest.

Upon discussion with the Empress, the archduke decided to seize this opportunity and teach the prince swordsmanship for a period of time.

The archduke had good intentions.

Archduke Norman had been a straightforward soldier since he was young. Now that the Empress was sick and Prince Rayne was

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