Chapter 19: Killing Into the Upper World to Pull the Plug on Order
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 19: Killing Into the Upper World to Pull the Plug on Order

A thousand reincarnations was way too long.

In this abnormally difficult world, Rayne experienced death and rebirth continuously. In each rebirth, apart from trying his best to find a way to break out of the situation, he spent the rest of his time nurturing some hobbies to relieve the pressure.

For example, swordsmanship, magic or combat techniques of other races.

Furthermore, most of the time, he would cultivate those techniques to their limits until there was no possibility of further improvement.

If he wanted to train his martial arts with efficiency, it was definitely not a good choice to focus on a particular technique at any cost without consideration of the time taken.

However, Rayne merely used it as a form of entertainment and did not mind how much time it would take.

Even so… he still managed to learn many skills.

Given his capabilities, if Rayne had the strength of a demigod, even ten Imperial Guards wouldn't be able to defeat him. He could barge right into the upper level of the God Realm and even pull the plug on Order.

However, letting the untalented Rayne obtain strength comparable to the demigod Imperial Guards was actually much more troublesome than crushing the Goddess of Order.

Therefore, at the end of the day, Rayne's swordsmanship could only be used to curry favor with this 50-year-old Sword Freak in the training arena and turn into some pleasant news that could increase his reputation.

Putting away his weapon, Rayne helped the shocked old marshall to the side and chatted with him for a while.

The reason why the archduke came to teach Rayne swordsmanship was because he wanted to deepen his relationship with the future Emperor. As such, Rayne would naturally fulfill his wish.

He patiently explained the principle of his earlier sword strike to the archduke.

Although the old man did not understand, he was deeply shocked.

When the archduke asked with lingering fear how Rayne became so proficient in swordsmanship...

Rayne smiled and provided an explanation.

He said that it was proba

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