Chapter 20: Equipment Delivery by the Evil God
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 20: Equipment Delivery by the Evil God

"I made a deal with Hela,"

In the quiet Church, against Rayne's question, Constance's reply was extremely concise.

"Is that so?"

After obtaining the answer, Rayne did not continue asking.

After that simple exchange of pleasantries, the two of them stopped talking.

Rayne raised his head and took another look at the magnificent goddess statue.

The long-haired Goddess of Order wielded a crystal spear that was surrounded by magical power dust as she looked down at the masses with a heroic and extraordinary aura.

Even though it was just a statue, it possessed a divineness such that even heretics would want to bow down and convert with just a single glance...

Behind the Crystal Goddess was a monument.

The crystal stele caved in automatically, forming words—those were the names of the past Imperial Guards of the Haines Empire.

All the Imperial Guards were the daughters of Order and were sent into the mortal world by her to protect the Haines Empire.


Rayne laughed.

This image of Order that was born naturally from silver-white crystals was a unique national treasure of the Haines Empire.

It was placed in the Church in the imperial palace and was only worshipped by the royal family and the Imperial Guards.

When the citizens and nobles of the Haines Empire looked at the statue, they saw a supreme ruler who protected them—this was a flawless goddess worthy of their lives

However, Rayne could no longer see a goddess.

He could only see an orphan of the old era turning into a tragic tumor on the bodies of all living beings of the new era, dreaming of returning to life.

Apart from hostility, Rayne only had pity for it.

After staying in the Church for a moment, he turned to leave.

Hela's actions did not exceed Rayne's expectations.

Imperial Guard Hela represented an extremely standard image of the Imperial Guards.

She was greedy by nature and was cruel and violent without knowing it. She only had contempt for mortals and never knew how to respect these ants—she was like the gods.

However, unlike the

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