Chapter 21: No Male Princess!
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 21: No Male Princess!

In a physical sense, the Ancient Dragon Princess Olivia, appeared in Rayne's eyes.

Rayne's eyes received a blessing from Olivia and it was a blessing of the highest level. Because of that, his eyes became a miniature God Realm controlled by her.

Right now, the Dragon Princess could contact Rayne through his eyes at any moment and even appear in the mortal world using his body.

Through the crack in his eyes, Rayne saw the green forest that did not fit in with the chaotic and filthy Nether Realm.

Olivia was still sitting on the throne of thorns, smiling at Rayne.

She was waiting for Rayne to praise her.

"Your blessing was extremely effective, Your Highness. The moment those demigod Imperial Guards make eye contact with me, their minds will be in a mess and they will be incoherent."


Olivia smiled happily. "Haven't I told you, Rayne Haines? Joining me is definitely the right choice. Don't worry, as long as you can please me, I'll give you even more powerful blessings that you can't imagine."

She continued asking impatiently, "So, when are you prepared to take down an Imperial Guard?"

Rayne replied, "Taming a demigod and making her lust is only the beginning. We have to take it slow."

Olivia smiled. "Indeed, it will be less enjoyable if a prey is too easily gotten. Alright, we'll follow your method and let the Imperial Guards sink into depravity."

Rayne: "However, apart from that, something else happened today."

Olivia asked, "What?"

"Hela caught hold of my weakness and blackmailed away Constance's sword."


Olivia smiled nonchalantly. "So be it. Although the dragon soul and mithril are good materials, they are not suitable for her. If you want swords, I'll give you two more."

Golden weapons were rare and precious in the mortal world.

However, they were not worth much to the evil gods.

On account that Rayne was an important contractor of hers, it was nothing much to give him two golden weapons.

However, to Olivia's surprise...

Rayne rejected her flatly without thinking.

"Golden wea

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