Chapter 22: Make Hela Kneel Down and Call Him Daddy
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 22: Make Hela Kneel Down and Call Him Daddy

Ancient dragons.

Due to its history, the highest-level ruler of its race right now was the princess.

Olivia was publicly acknowledged as the Ancient Dragon Princess. Even though she had degenerated into an evil god, her authority as the Ruler of the Ancient Dragons was retained.

But, of course, there were definitely displeased voices.

Not all ancient dragons were willing to be ruled by an evil god.

Therefore, there were naturally many challengers who tried to steal Olivia's authority.

Obadiah was one of them.

The reason why Rayne wanted to cause trouble for Obadiah was extremely simple.


Well, most of them were rich.

Ordinary dragons loved to collect gold, silver and treasures. However, ancient dragons had even more elegant hobbies.

Apart from gold and treasures, they loved to collect antiques.

Naturally, antiques that could be fancied by the ancient dragons were usually extremely valuable.

A large number of rare divine treasures that were rarely seen in the outside world were piled in their lairs like trash.

If these creatures were slightly weaker, they would become targets for all intelligent beings in the mortal world to hunt wildly.

When Rayne was prepared to find a strong piece of equipment for Constance, the first thing he thought of were the treasures guarded by the ancient dragons.

This was something that Rayne did not even dare to think about in the past.

That was because not only could ancient dragons smear the ground with demigods, the most terrifying thing was that these creatures were even immortal.

If anyone dared to take their belongings, they would be hunted to death by this group of immortal mythical creatures.

But now, the situation was different!

Rayne had joined the Dragon of Lust. Right now, he had the backing of the princess of the ancient dragons!

Olivia had the authority to purge the immortality of her subjects.

As long as he could obtain the approval of Olivia, Rayne would be able to accomplish a feat that no one had accomplished since the start of the brand new era.

Killing an anci

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