Chapter 272.1: Sharley’s Blood Addiction and the Swill in Cowper’s Mouth (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 272.1: Sharley’s Blood Addiction and the Swill in Cowper’s Mouth (1)

It was as though it was a nightmare that would never end.

The beginning of the nightmare was the sharp slash of the glorious goddess who was given the shape of a wolf.

However, the day of awakening was in the distant future.

She had struggled in darkness and hunger for too long.

On this day…

True Ancestor 1, the Matriarch of the vampires, Sharley opened her scarlet eyes once more.


The moment she woke up, Sharley could not help but let out a comfortable and bewitching moan.

This comfort came from the wonderful fragrance that lingered around her.

This was the fragrance of blood. It was not ordinary blood. Instead, it reminded her of an extreme fragrance that she had only smelled once in her life.

The blood of a goddess…

Sharley realized that she was soaking in a pool of blood.

Unlike the large-scale blood bath she enjoyed in the past, this time round, she was immersed in a narrow coffin and the blood was mixed with a large amount of alchemy solution.

At a glance, Sharley calculated that the composition of the blood was about the size of a single person.

However, that was what surprised Sharley.

Although it was less than a tenth of the blood, it contained a massive amount of nutrients that could make up for Sharley's 300 years of hunger and thirst…

Not only that, similarly, the alchemy solution mixed with blood was unique and mysterious.

What was going on…

Sharley looked around in confusion. She did not see any vampires celebrating the awakening of their Matriarch. She only saw the golden-haired girl guarding the coffin.



Tyrapotter sealed her own sense of smell and taste and was dozing off beside her mother's coffin when she was suddenly jolted awake by that voice.

When she saw her awakened mother, Tyrapotter was overjoyed.

In her excitement, the current Vampire Queen could not help but tear up.

Tyrapotter choked. "Mother, I thought… I would never be able to see you again…"

Unlike most of the other True Ancestors…

Tyrapotter had an extremely strong affection for her mother.

That was because

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