Chapter 271: The Hunting of the Sick Sister, The Bewitching Appearance of the Kind Mother of the Vampires
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 271: The Hunting of the Sick Sister, The Bewitching Appearance of the Kind Mother of the Vampires

So that was the case…

Ever since she arrived at Eternal Night, Prosperity had felt that there was something amiss with this native species named Hedwig.

And now, she finally understood where this sense of discord came from.

Instantly, an extremely stiff smile appeared on Prosperity's cold face.

Now that she saw her again...

Should Prosperity be smiling?

Or was it better to be angry?

For a moment, it was difficult for the artificial intelligence to make a correct judgment with logic and rationality.

Therefore, Prosperity made her own decision.

She put away the burning spear of light.

"I'll retract my words. I won't kill you anymore."

"I've read the history and customs of this country. I can deduce your current predicament."

"I already know your difficulties."

"Domestication, right? Done by Rayne Haines, right? If you're domesticated, you can't stay in this country? Furthermore, without your rule, this country will collapse quickly, right?"

"…If you don't want to do that, you can join forces with me."

Pseudogod Prosperity suddenly became enthusiastic. Even her voice became amiable.

In fact, she took the initiative to help the weak Hedwig up and said,

"We can continue to work together. My promise to you in the past is still valid. Help me kill Rayne Haines and the old terminal. I can destroy the entire Haines and resolve all your worries."

"I won't go back on my word. Everything is under my control. My logic won't allow me to tell lies in such a low-intensity dispute—that would damage the dignity of the Utmost World of Logic."

Prosperity's invitation was filled with temptation.

After killing Rayne Haines, Hedwig's domestication state would be removed. Right now, it was only in the early stages and Hedwig could still be saved.

As long as Rayne Haines was killed, Eternal Night would be free from the wrath of the true god.

As long as Rayne Haines was killed, Hedwig could even ask Prosperity to destroy Haines and fight for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Eternal Night to develop…

Prosperity felt that the deal she pro

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