Chapter 258: The Lowly Slave Within the Vampire Queen
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 258: The Lowly Slave Within the Vampire Queen

Eternal Night was a neighboring country of Haines.

Furthermore, she was the strongest in terms of combat strength among all the neighboring countries.

There was Wolf Queen Hedwig who could take on the eldest Imperial Guard as well as the 13 divinity beings with the strengths of demigods...

In terms of strength on the surface, Eternal Night was even more ferocious than Leta and Haines.


An immortal True Ancestor was not that invincible.

Logically speaking, the authority of a god could not extend the lifespan of divinity beings.

Almost all living beings with divinity had birth, aging, illness and death. In fact, their lifespans were shorter than mortals.

It was the same for existences like Histia. However, as the symbol of the goddess in the mortal world, she and the demigods would not age.

The increase in their lifespan would at most increase the accumulation of fat in special parts that resembled melons, making them look more mature and plump…

However, when demigods lived to a certain age and their lifespans were over, their strength would weaken and they would gradually die.

Among them, there were extremely rare exceptions in the mortal world. For example, vampires who were born with the characteristic of immortality.

Because the high-end combat strength of the vampires would not suffer natural deaths, that resulted in the accumulation of demigod combat strength in Eternal Night.


The True Ancestors did not manage to kill their way into the Nether Realm and snatch a god position to grant their clansmen a true immortal boss. Therefore, there was a price to pay for the longevity of the True Ancestors.

Simply put, their appetites were shocking.

They required thousands of lives for a satisfying meal. If the 13 True Ancestors were all hungry together, a single meal would require the sacrifice of tens of thousands of lives.

Eternal Night was very small and its development back then was very backward. There was no way its population could support the True Ancestors' squandering.

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