Chapter 257.2: The Vampire Queen's Addiction (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 257.2: The Vampire Queen's Addiction (2)

In the current situation, Cowper could be tougher. If Rayne wanted to break the agreement, she could kill Prosperity and abduct Rayne forcefully. She would rear Rayne and enjoy this peerless delicacy forever.


What if Cowper angered Rayne by doing that and he committed suicide?

While the possibility of that was extremely slim...

If it did happen, could she withstand that price?

She could not. She could not tolerate Rayne's death even more than Rayne!

She could not let Rayne die. She did not even dare to hurt Rayne!

Cowper stared at Rayne. Seeing that Rayne was determined to leave and had turned around, prepared to go…

Finally, the proud queen's eyes trembled as she called out to Rayne.

At that moment, she abandoned her dignity as a True Ancestor and said softly to a two-legged livestock, "I-I'm sorry…"

It was just a simple apology, but it almost emptied Cowper's soul, causing her gaze to be empty and despairing…

Cowper said with a trembling voice, "Rayne Haines, please forgive my rudeness…"

However, Cowper's apology made Rayne frown.

Rayne: "Rudeness? Cowper, tell me, what did you do that was rude?"

Cowper shuddered and looked at Rayne in disbelief.

This mortal…

How dare you speak to me like that?!

Rayne's question was blatantly making things difficult and pure humiliation!

What did he take her for?!

Cowper gritted her teeth and glared at Rayne hatefully.

However, Rayne's expression was as calm as usual and he was not intimidated by the aura of the True Ancestor at all.

On the other hand, Cowper felt an inexplicable sense of guilt and… reverence towards Rayne's calm and indifferent eyes.

Finally, Cowper clenched her fists and her muscles trembled. Suppressing the rage in her heart, she said,

"I… shouldn't have used magic to attack you or reprimanded you. Rayne Haines, you're different from other mortals. I should… respect you even more."

"That's not important."

Rayne was expressionless. "True Ancestor 3, that doesn't matter. As you said, I was in the wrong first and shouldn't have left the city suddenly t

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