Chapter 179.1: First Meeting with the God Consort, Gift of the Cosmos Possessed by a Commoner (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 179.1: First Meeting with the God Consort, Gift of the Cosmos Possessed by a Commoner (1)

Edaline held Rayne's hand and walked into the dimensional rift happily with her brother.

Edaline, who was always carrying out missions all year round in the mortal world, was naturally not unfamiliar with the place they were going to next.

The High Elves who lived in the skies used the floating continents made from the power of the stars as their home.

They lived and worked in peace on these floating continents, establishing their countries called...

The Heavenly Kingdoms.

The supreme Heavenly Kingdom Dawn was one of the most famous cities.

Although there was a huge difference in the customs of the various Heavenly Kingdoms, at the very least, they were united in faith.

In this race that shared a pious belief in the cosmos…

Right now, Dawn, who possessed the Star Elf, naturally became the leader of the alliance of the Heavenly Kingdoms.

"Every thousand years, a beautiful Star Elf will descend to the mortal world from the outer world. She will choose the strongest warriors in the mortal world and offer them a great weapon from the cosmos to help the mortal world fight against the ancient malice that came with the comet…"

Edaline recited what she had learned in her previous school books. "At that time, the entire High Elves race will be resolutely united under the God King and fight together. However, it's truly awkward. It's been almost ten years since the arrival of the Star Elves, but these High Elves are still in a mess."

Previously, when she accompanied Rayne to the Desolate Tundra, Edaline took the time to make a trip to Heavenly Kingdom Caldera to stop the invasion of the Nether Realm.

At that time, the Heavenly Kingdom was already controlled by heretics. The entire country was about to become bait to summon the projection of the evil god and was on the brink of death…

Even so, the surrounding High Elf countries watched coldly from the sidelines. In fact, they were even waiting to loot the inheritance.

Was that bonding together?

Was that unity?

If they had to pinpoint the person at fault for th

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