Chapter 178: That Day, All the Demigods in the Capital Received Their Happiness
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 178: That Day, All the Demigods in the Capital Received Their Happiness

In the capital of Haines.

After bidding farewell to Hela, Rayne prepared to head to his next destination.

Heavenly Kingdom Dawn.

As the prince, Rayne naturally needed a legitimate reason to visit foreign countries. Therefore, Rayne had long asked the Empress to send an imperial edict for him and inform Dawn.

Right now, the High Elves should have long been prepared to welcome Rayne.

Just as he was about to set off, Rayne invited Edaline who activated the teleportation spell to Dawn for him.

There was no need for Rayne to visit Edaline. As long as he called out to his sister through the air, a dimensional rift would open immediately and Edaline would appear before him.

Edaline had a strange expression today.

She looked at her brother with a subtle gaze. In the past few days, Hela's laughably weak blocking magic did not hinder her observation at all. She said bitterly, "You're finally ready to head out?"

Rayne asked with concern, "Why don't you seem happy today? Could it be that you can't bear to part with me because you know that I'm leaving?"

"Hmph, it's not as though you came to visit me even when you were staying at home? All you do is stick with Hela all the time shamelessly…"

Edaline grumbled, "Really now... Can you not have those puppets call you Big Brother? It sounds extremely weird..."

Rayne looked troubled when he heard that. "… Little Eda, you're really strict."

Edaline blushed. "Y-You're blaming me?!"

Thereafter, the shy Edaline harrumphed and returned to the main topic hurriedly.

Edaline said, "So… you really don't need me to accompany you to Dawn this time round?"

Rayne nodded and said seriously, "Your body still needs to rest. Stay in the capital and continue recuperating."

However, Edaline was not satisfied with that answer.

"My combat strength has already recovered and I can help you completely. The reason why you're unwilling to bring me along is because I'll interfere with you flirting with women, right?"

Rayne said helplessly, "Little Eda, don't think that way…"

This was the fi

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