Chapter 945 - Suppressing the Four Royals
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 945 - Suppressing the Four Royals

Above Plot 079...

The spectating players were shocked as the Thunder Empire, the Sun Dynasty, and Ninth Street joined the fight with their Epic Siege Weapons.

"Madness! This is madness! Four royal powers are working together to attack one person?!"

"Four Epic Siege Weapons! Such a force is likely already enough to raid Taboo Bosses!"

One player against four Epic Siege Weapons. This was undoubtedly a first in God's Domain.


"Is there a need to go this far for one person? Do these royal powers not care about their reputation?" Verdant Rainbow, watching the battle in Plot 079 from another plot of land, couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the four royal powers using their Epic Siege Weapons against Shi Feng.

Normally, it would already be considered excessive for a royal power to use even one Epic Siege Weapon to deal with an apex power. As for the situation before where the Thunder Empire had used an Epic Siege Weapon against Ink Crystal, it was also an incredibly rare occurrence, and it had only happened a few times throughout the Holy Race's and the Crystallian race's history.

However, Verdant Rainbow had never thought that the four royal powers would be willing to use the four Epic Siege Weapons against Shi Feng. Not even royal powers had received such a treatment before.

"It can't be helped. Black Flame poses too much of a threat to them," Elder Martial said, shaking his head. "Black Flame has shown he can take on an Epic Siege Weapon by himself. If he escapes, he can undoubtedly affect the four royal powers' plans and rankings. To protect their interests, they cannot let him get away."

"Even so, isn't this too much? Four Epic Siege Weapons! This much force is already enough to deal with a royal power!" Verdant Rainbow exclaimed, staring at the four Epic Siege Weapons in the Magic Mirror.

According to the information collected by the Seven Luminaries Alliance, the number of Epic Siege Weapons each royal power possessed ranged between one and four. Hence, a force of four Epic Siege Weapons was enough to take d

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