Chapter 944 - Primordial Dragon's Might
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 944 - Primordial Dragon's Might

"A Dragon!"

"How can there be such a huge Dragon?"

"No! That's not a Dragon! That's a Primordial Dragon of legend!"

The players in Everlasting City were stunned when Shi Feng reappeared as a Primordial Dragon nearly 10,000 meters long. This was especially so for the players and powers observing the situation in Plot 079. They had never expected Zero Wing's Guild Leader to have such a trump card.

"A Primordial Dragon?" Endless Scars, who was spectating the situation from a different plot of land, was similarly stunned.

A Primordial Dragon!

Anyone who had bothered to learn about God's Domain would know that Primordial Dragons were existences comparable to Primordial Gods. In other words, they were among the strongest existences in God's Domain.

"A Primordial Dragon!" From his hiding spot, Kowloon Demon gazed upon the mountainous figure in the distance with a look of disbelief. "Is this the trump card Guild Leader Black Flame has been hiding?"

In all honesty, despite Dragon's Crown's partnership with Zero Wing, Kowloon Demon had never taken Zero Wing seriously. After all, the two Guilds operated on completely different levels.

However, as Kowloon Demon looked at the Primordial Dragon before him, he suddenly felt that Zero Wing was like a bottomless abyss full of secrets. Its hidden foundations were simply terrifying.

"No, that's not a real Primordial Dragon," Purgatory Jade said, firmly denying Kowloon Demon's statement. "It should only be an imitation. Guild Leader Black Flame must have used some means to transform into a lifeform resembling a Primordial Dragon. If it were a real Primordial Dragon, we wouldn't even be able to look at it directly."

"That's true." Kowloon Demon nodded as he looked at the Primordial Dragon before him. Although he felt suffocated simply being in its presence, this degree of intimidation was nowhere near that of a real Primordial Dragon.

The Primordial Dragons of legend were akin to Primordial Gods. Even a remnant trace of a Primordial Dragon's aura could immobilize Tier 6 players, let al

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