Chapter 941 - Four Royals
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TL Notes:
Made a change to Chapters 825 and 826:

The gnome youth's "Peak Gold Fusion Technique" changed to "Twofold Peak Gold Fusion Technique."

"Madness! This is madness!"

"Is the Thunder Empire out of its mind?! An Epic Siege Weapon?!"

"An Epic Siege Weapon?! Is the Thunder Empire trying to erase the entire Everlasting City?!"

"Is this necessary? All this just because Garuda got killed once?"

When the spectating players and powers saw the iron palace, they dared not believe their eyes.

A Siege Weapon!

This was a weapon created to attack cities inhabited by Gods in the Primordial Era. Theoretically, it could concentrate the power of all its operators to launch attacks exceeding the Tier 6 Limit standard.

Even a Common-ranked Siege Weapon was worth multiple Holy Cities, let alone an Epic-ranked Siege Weapon. The higher a Siege Weapon's rank, the more comprehensive its abilities. A high-rank Siege Weapon could also accommodate more operators, allowing it to harness and exhibit greater power.

Once a Siege Weapon reached the Epic rank, it could theoretically destroy an entire Realm with one strike. It was not a weapon that could be countered with manpower alone. It was also a weapon exclusive to royal powers. More specifically, only powers with an Epic Siege Weapon could become royal powers.

As for the iron palace, it was called the Lightning Nation, and it was one of the Thunder Empire's three Epic Siege Weapons!


"The Thunder Empire must be crazy! Does it need to bring out the Lightning Nation just to deal with two pseudo-apex powers?! Isn't it worried that other royal powers will use this opportunity to attack its Realms?!" Verdant Rainbow was confused and shocked as she stared at the iron palace in the Magic Mirror.

Siege Weapons were the most crucial trump cards for any power. They were mighty weapons that could safeguard an entire Realm. However, the cost of mobilizing a Siege Weapon was mind-boggling. Even if the average upper-ranking hegemonic power got their hands on a Siege Weapon, it'd be too poor to deplo

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