Chapter 942 - The Oriole Behind?
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When the Lightning Nation launched a thousand bolts of Lightning of Destruction and turned the sky above Plot 079 into a sea of lightning, the spectating players gasped. Although many of those present had long known about the terror of Siege Weapons, they never thought that it would be this terrifying.

Normally, even one bolt of Lightning of Destruction would be enough to severely injure a Tier 6 God. Yet, the Lightning Nation had launched a thousand bolts simultaneously.




As if the bolts of Lightning of Destruction had eyes of their own, they all arced toward Ink Crystal. The power they carried far exceeded that of Ink Crystal's Twofold Thornstorm.

However, Ink Crystal did not panic at this sight. She simply performed a simple step, causing a vague, illusory world to descend upon her and alter the World Laws of her surroundings. This, in turn, suppressed the power of the Lightning of Destruction and allowed her to exhibit greater power.

Immediately afterward, Ink Crystal split into a hundred physical copies of herself, using them to distract and mislead the Lightning Nation's operators as she advanced on the Epic Siege Weapon. Although the Lightning Nation's operators had tried to attack her doppelgangers regardless, she never failed to have her doppelgangers evade any oncoming attacks.

"Even that isn't enough to kill her? How strong is she?"

"As expected of a Mortal God. Not even an Epic Siege Weapon can threaten her. I guess this proves that even royal powers are powerless against sixth-floor experts."

When the spectators saw Ink Crystal successfully surviving the Lightning Nation's first barrage of attacks, admiration colored their eyes. They had never thought Ink Crystal would be so strong as to render the Epic Siege Weapon of legend ineffective. At this point, they couldn't think of anything that could possibly kill a sixth-floor expert.

Normally, it would take at least a thousand experts executing Peak Gold-ranked techniques to neutralize an attack comprising a thousand bolts of Lightning of

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