Chapter 755 - Maniac Versus Maniac
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 755 - Maniac Versus Maniac

Currently, more than twenty Level 210-plus NPC Guards equipped with standardized Legendary Equipment Sets stood along the sides of the main street. Although these NPC Guards were only at Tier 5, any one of them could easily suppress Tier 6 experts under Level 200.

Meanwhile, following the words of the Level 220, Tier 6 Guard Captain equipped in a luxurious suit of armor, all of the players present froze on the spot. Demon's Gate's members were especially dumbfounded by this situation.

"Why aren't these NPC Guards taking action?"

"Count Shadowring?"

"Who is that guy?"

Questions popped up in everyone's minds, one after another. The scene before them had completely overturned their knowledge of Luminous Sky City.

It was commonly known that any player who dared to cause a scene in Luminous Sky City would meet a swift death. This was an ironclad rule that nobody had managed to defy thus far.

Yet, now, not only had this rule been broken, but the Level 220, Tier 6 Guard Captain was even behaving very respectfully to Shi Feng...

Count? Am I dreaming? Astonishment filled Seven Melody as she looked at Shi Feng.

Luminous Sky City was a Neutral City in the Eternal Realm. Because of this, obtaining an aristocratic position in it was incredibly difficult. In fact, even becoming an ordinary noble was something the various powers could only dream of accomplishing right now.

Besides Seven Melody, Aqua Rose was similarly taken aback by this unexpected development. They had been operating in Luminous Sky City and striving to establish a foothold in the southern region, a land rich in Ancient Legacies, for a considerable period already. Consequently, they had invested significant effort into contributing to Luminous Sky City. However, despite their efforts, they still lacked a lot of Contribution Points to attain the status of ordinary nobles. Yet, she was now being told that Shi Feng had attained the rank of Count...

Unlike everyone else, though, Shi Feng himself was not surprised by the NPC Guards' behavior.

As a 2-star Count of Hol

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