Chapter 754 - Demon's Gate
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Aqua Rose and Seven Melody were momentarily stunned when they saw the cloaked Swordsman approaching their stall. They never thought the person who dared to speak out against Demon's Gate would actually be Shi Feng, the person they had encountered at the Golden Spire.

Meanwhile, White Ghost furrowed his brow as he cast a chilling glare at Shi Feng. Although White Ghost did not speak up, almost everyone present could also sense his surging anger as the atmosphere that had briefly relaxed became incredibly tense once more.

Meanwhile, upon sensing White Ghost's anger, the surrounding players quickly distanced themselves from him, afraid they would get dragged into the ensuing crossfire.

"That guy must be crazy to stand out in this situation!"

"Is he really going to challenge Demon's Gate's prestige?"

The surrounding bystanders felt their hearts rising up their throats as they looked at Shi Feng. They also had no doubts that Shi Feng would become a corpse in just a moment.

"Kid! It seems you have a lot of courage, huh, daring to interfere in Demon's Gate's matters," White Ghost said coldly as he looked at Shi Feng. "Is this your first day in Luminous Sky City?"

It was common knowledge in the southern region that Demon's Gate was the region's ruler. Not even the Holy Race's various powers would dare to oppose it here.

Yet, someone was now openly challenging this established fact. This was a brazen act of provocation against Demon's Gate's reputation. It had already been a long while since he had encountered such a situation after his arrival in the Eternal Realm.

However, he did not mind letting everyone in the southern region learn of Demon's Gate's horrors once more!

As soon as White Ghost finished speaking, several of the Tier 6 experts around him promptly encircled Shi Feng, cutting off all his paths of retreat.

Meanwhile, when Aqua Rose and Seven Melody saw this development, they couldn't help but grow concerned. They felt that Shi Feng was playing with fire by provoking Demon's Gate right now.


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