Chapter 756 - Luminous Sky in an Uproar
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 756 - Luminous Sky in an Uproar

Following White Ghost's death, the Demon's Gate members, who were in the midst of retreating, couldn't help but widen their eyes in disbelief.

"He's dead!"

"No way! That White Ghost actually got killed?! And so quickly at that?!"

The other players on the street were similarly stunned when they saw White Ghost turning into ashes.

White Ghost's infamy was widely known throughout the southern region. He was the nightmare of many expert players. This was because he was responsible for eliminating many of the expert players and various powers' executives who had opposed Demon's Gate. His reputation even extended to the Holy Race, where his act of slaying several members of a royal power netted him a place on the Holy Race's Transcendent List.

Yet, now, someone had not only managed to kill the mighty White Ghost but had done so in a near-instantaneous manner. If they hadn't witnessed this spectacle with their own eyes, most of them would have probably had difficulty believing such a feat was possible.

"Aqua!" While watching Shi Feng collect the loot Demon's Gate's members dropped, Seven Melody shook the dazed Aqua Rose beside her and asked, "Is he really the Guild Leader Black Flame we met before?"

The last time they met, Seven Melody merely regarded Shi Feng as a talented member of the younger generation capable of contending against the various pseudo-apex powers' chosen ones. However, the strength Shi Feng had just displayed was nothing but shocking.

"I…don't know either…" Aqua Rose was similarly at a loss for words after seeing this situation.

It should be known that one of the Scarlet Merchant Alliance's Taboo-level existences had died in a fight against White Ghost. Yet, Shi Feng had killed White Ghost so effortlessly. Honestly, if she hadn't seen Shi Feng's face before at the Golden Spire, she would have doubted if the person currently before her was someone else instead.

What incredible Strength! Frost Raven was equally shocked as she looked at Shi Feng. I've seen most of the top experts in the southern region, b

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