Chapter 565 - Guild Ranking
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"Zero Wing doesn't have that many Star Coins at present," Shi Feng said with a hint of embarrassment. However, he wasn't surprised by the expected cost of recruiting 10,000 people. "Can I pay with Eternal Coins?"

He had already invested most of his funds into acquiring a large training center in Star Lake City, and he only had a few dozen million Star Coins left. He would be virtually broke once he bought the needed Life Potions for the Guild's internal members.

"Eternal Coins?" Nodding, Xia Qingying said, "That's fine. But if you wish to get a good price in the current market, you will need to provide a substantial amount. Roughly how many can you come up with?"

She was aware that Zero Wing had made a lot of Eternal Coins through the sale of the Earthen Magic Flowers previously. While Zero Wing must have spent most of its earnings already by now, considering the Eternal Realm's high cost of living, if Zero Wing still had two or three hundred Eternal Coins remaining, they could begin their recruitment plans officially.

"I can take out 1,000 Gold for the time being," Shi Feng stated.

After deducting the expenses for purchasing the Guild Residence and hiring high-tier NPCs, he had a little over 1,200 Eternal Gold left in his pockets. But he felt he should save 200 Eternal Gold as a precaution after considering the Guild's daily operations.

"You can take out 1,000 Gold right now?" Xia Qingying was dumbfounded by Shi Feng's answer.

As far as she knew, the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers operating in the current Eternal Realm had, at most, 600 Eternal Gold available on hand. Moreover, these were the wealthier upper-ranking hegemonic powers. The average upper-ranking hegemonic power would only have around 300 Eternal Gold to spare. After all, players would frequently enter combat out in the current Eternal Realm. Moreover, the various powers needed to purchase Secret Treasures for their core experts. As a result, they could only afford to retain a limited amount of liquid assets.

On the current market, so long as

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