Chapter 564 - Frightening Wealth
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"Are you sure you aren't joking with me, Guild Leader Shi Feng?" Xia Qingying couldn't help but ask when she saw the Basic Divine Engraving displayed above Shi Feng's watch. "Silver Frost City is just a second-tier city. I doubt anybody would believe you would share the complete Divine Engraver Legacy with them just to deal with Silver Frost City."

The Divine Engraver subclass had long become extinct in the Greater God's Domain. Although there were some players capable of creating divine engravings, they could only create a couple of incomplete varieties, and they weren't actually recognized as Divine Engravers.

Even so, the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers still highly sought these faux Divine Engravers. If a true Divine Engraver appeared in such a situation, even the various apex powers would probably have difficulties sitting still. Not to mention, they were talking about a Legacy capable of mass-producing Divine Engravers here.

So long as Shi Feng gave the word, he could easily get his hands on even a first-tier mobile city, let alone a second-tier mobile city like Silver Frost City. Meanwhile, all Shi Feng needed to do was give his helpers one opportunity to learn the Divine Engraver Legacy.

Yet, now, Shi Feng intended to share the complete Divine Engraver Legacy with her just so she could take control of Silver Frost City.

If Silver Frost City's City Lord were to learn of this, he would probably have a heart attack. This was bullying of the highest order!

"You have misunderstood, Miss Xia," Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw the shocked look on Xia Qingying's face. "If we are only talking about Silver Frost City, it naturally wouldn't be worthwhile for me to take out the Divine Engraver Legacy. My goal is to establish a partnership with you, Miss Xia. Taking control of Silver Frost City is only the first step of this partnership.

The Divine Engraver Legacy recorded in the Book of Eternity was no trivial matter. Even if he revealed only a small portion of it, it would be enough to cause an uproar throu

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