Chapter 563 - Third Method
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"Am I interested in Silver Frost City?" Xia Qingying looked at Shi Feng in confusion. "May I know what you mean by that, Guild Leader Shi Feng?"

It had already been over four centuries since Silver Frost City ruled over this region as a second-tier city, and the city's City Lord position had never changed hands. It was also because of this City Lord that Silver Frost City could protect its rank for over four centuries.

Meanwhile, the number of upper-ranking hegemonic powers based in the city continuously increased throughout these four centuries. By now, there were at least five upper-ranking hegemonic powers rooted here. Because of this, Silver Frost City was above average compared to the several neighboring second-tier cities. It wasn't an existence that could be shaken by just one or two upper-ranking hegemonic powers. This would remain the case even if the Green God Corporation were included in the mix.

Not to mention, Silver Frost City's City Lord was only half a step away from entering the realm above grandmasters. So long as he succeeded, even the conglomerates operating on the Starlight Continent would have to show him a certain degree of respect.

"There are three ways to take over a city in the Greater World," Shi Feng stated as he looked Xia Qingying in the eye. "The first method is to have a three-star grandmaster contest for the position of City Lord.

"The second method is to take control of the city's city legion in its entirety. That way, you can decide the city's fate with a thought.

"As for the third method, it is to set a bounty!"

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, Xia Qingying grew even more puzzled.

"Set a bounty?"

The first method mentioned was the most commonly used means of taking over a mobile city. It was especially popular among the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers.

Typically, if an upper-ranking hegemonic power fancied a particular second-tier city, it would establish a base of operations there before having its own three-star mental strength grandmaster compete for the City Lord

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