Chapter 562 - Next Stop: Zero Wing
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 562 - Next Stop: Zero Wing

Silver Frost City, Green God Corporation's Branch Headquarters:

Following Silver Frost City's eviction order against the Green God Corporation, almost everyone in the city no longer dared to get close to the corporation's branch headquarters. Currently, the only people present in the branch headquarters were the corporation's members.

"You have terrible luck, Luosha. You just joined the Silver Frost Legion, yet you got kicked out before you could enjoy any of its benefits," a tanned woman with an attractive figure and beautiful appearance said as she looked at the suitcase-carrying girl beside her. "With your talent, you could have definitely become a vice commander in the future. It's unfortunate that the ruthless City Lord refuses to spare even newcomers like yourself."

"Isn't it even worse for you, Big Sis Fire Dance?" Jun Luosha said, sighing as she looked at the tanned woman beside her. "You have won multiple energy mines for the city, and you relied entirely on your own strength and achievements to become Silver Frost City's Fifth Vice Commander. Yet, as soon as the City Lord's eviction notice came out, the shameless commander told you to leave without hesitation. He has completely ignored the fact that it was thanks to your vote that he barely managed to become the Silver Frost Legion's commander and didn't even bother to plead with the City Lord for some mercy for you."

Hearing Jun Luosha's words, Fire Dance shook her head and nonchalantly said, "It's nothing. If I didn't give my vote to him, Xiao Quan would have become the commander. Had that happened, we would have been in a far more miserable situation."

"I guess that's true…" Jun Luosha nodded.

Xiao Quan possessed considerable strength as he received the City Lord's full support and guidance. Hence, he was qualified to become the Silver Frost Legion's commander.

However, Xiao Quan was very opinionated toward the Green God Corporation's members because Xia Qingying constantly rejected his feelings for her. Had he become the Silver Frost Legion's commande

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