Chapter 566 - Crazed Green God Corporation
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 566 - Crazed Green God Corporation

Silver Frost City, City Lord's Manor:

The City Lord's Manor was situated on a floating island hovering three thousand meters above Silver Frost City. Currently, Xiao Quan stood atop the stadium-sized manor's rooftop, inhaling the Singular Energy surrounding him as he gazed over the city.

After taking a few rhythmic breaths of the Singular Energy that was several times denser than what was available in the city, Xiao Quan took off his coat and jumped into the rooftop swimming pool. The swimming pool was filled with Frost Water, and Xiao Quan's mind experienced unprecedented clarity when he meditated in it.

After soaking for more than ten minutes, Xiao Quan suddenly opened his eyes. At the same time, his aura underwent a qualitative transformation, and his tall figure started to shrink a little. If before he was a mighty tiger, now he was only a nimble leopard.

When Xiao Quan's transformation concluded, a young woman in her twenties approached him. The woman had an attractive face and devilish figure, and she wore a light blue skirt highlighting her long legs.

"Congratulations on becoming a two-star limit grandmaster, Vice Commander Xiao Quan. With this, it will be time for Commander Nangong to step down from his position," the woman said with a playful smile. She looked at Xiao Quan as if she were looking at a toy, her face lacking any traces of reverence or respect for the young master of Silver Frost City.

"How rare of you to visit me, Cang Sha," Xiao Quan said as he looked at the devilish woman, a hint of indifference in his voice. "Could she have more instructions for me?"

"Her Highness is very busy. It is already rare that she would have me contact you even once. How could she possibly have the time to care about the trivial matters here?" the devilish woman named Cang Sha said, laughing. "I am only here to inform you that that person from the Green God Corporation's black ops has arrived."

"Isn't that to be expected?" Xiao Quan nonchalantly responded. "The Green God Corporation is currently on the brink of bei

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