Chapter 559 - Two-Star Limit Grandmaster?
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 559 - Two-Star Limit Grandmaster?

Is he crazy?

Xia Qingying couldn't help but gape in shock when she saw Shi Feng completely disregarding Xiao Quan and the various powers' executives.

It was one thing for Shi Feng to provoke Xiao Quan previously. After all, Shi Feng wasn't aware of Xiao Quan's identity at the time. At worst, he would simply lose the ability to operate in Silver Frost City in the future.

However, it was a different story to show such contempt for the various powers' executives.

Xiao Quan cherished his reputation dearly, so even if he were to take action against Shi Feng, he wouldn't do so openly. The various powers' executives, on the other hand, were all dominant figures of third-tier cities, and they had fought using all sorts of means to achieve their current positions.

Moreover, unlike Xiao Quan, Shi Feng had no special background in the Greater World. So, the various executives absolutely wouldn't have any qualms about escalating the situation and picking a fight with Shi Feng.

"Someone we cannot afford to offend? What bold words you have there, you little punk!"

"It seems becoming a one-star grandmaster has gotten to your head! Do you really think of yourself as some kind of big shot?"

"Since the Green God Corporation is unwilling to teach this kid a lesson, we'll do it instead!"

"Anyone interested in volunteering?"

The various powers' executives openly discussed teaching Shi Feng a lesson, none of them treating him with any significance.

According to their senses, Shi Feng was only at the one-star mental strength grandmaster standard. And going by his appearance, he should be someone in his thirties.

In third-tier cities, anyone capable of becoming a one-star grandmaster in their thirties would indeed be considered a rare genius. In fact, Shi Feng could still be considered a genius even in a second-tier city like Silver Frost City.

Take the seventeen-year-old standing beside Xiao Quan, for example. The young man might have become a three-star master at such a young age, but his chances of becoming a one-star gran

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