Chapter 560 - Xia Qingying's Madness
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 560 - Xia Qingying's Madness

"Radish! This person is so strong!" Jade River exclaimed to Silk Radish when she saw how easily Shi Feng had stopped Madman Xun's attack and subsequently thrown the giant of a man. Then, she turned to Silk Radish and asked, "Say, do you think we have a chance to stay here?"

Previously, Jade River hadn't thought much about Shi Feng's declaration to recruit her and Silk Radish. After all, even a big shot like Xia Qingying dared not go against Xiao Quan.

However, after seeing how handily Shi Feng had defeated the monster-like Madman Xun, Jade River couldn't help but start to think that Shi Feng might truly be able to let her and Silk Radish remain in the Greater World.


Silk Radish also grew excited when she saw Shi Feng's performance. She never expected her cousin to find an expert of such caliber to come and recruit her.

A two-star limit grandmaster!

Those ignorant of the Greater World's matters, such as Jade River, wouldn't necessarily understand the significance of a two-star limit grandmaster. However, as Aqua Rose's cousin, Silk Radish knew just how exalted the status of two-star limit grandmasters was.

For 99% of the individuals who manage to become a one-star mental strength grandmaster in the Greater World, the best they could hope to achieve within their lifetimes would be the two-star grandmaster standard. This was the case for the various powers' executives standing on the stage. None of them had any hopes of ever becoming a two-star limit grandmaster.

This was because becoming a two-star limit grandmaster meant taking half a step into the realm of three-star grandmasters, and it would only be a matter of time before they became a full-fledged three-star grandmaster.

It should be known that three-star mental strength grandmasters were existences capable of becoming the lord of a city in the Greater World, and even in conglomerates, they would occupy core executive positions.

While two-star limit grandmasters weren't three-star grandmasters, they would still be regarded as big shots in second-tie

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