Chapter 376 - World Passage Opens
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Miniature Ancient World, Thunder Fortress:

When the gigantic door 10,000 yards away from the Thunder Fortress opened, all the players gathered in the Thunder Fortress boarded their respective ships and swarmed toward the gate. In no time, a gigantic fleet of over 100,000 ships could be seen sailing toward the distant gate. A fleet of such size could fight against even an army of several million sea monsters. It could also easily annihilate any maritime empire.

However, the fleet of 100,000-plus ships looked comically small when gathered before the gigantic door.

The bottom half of the door in question was submerged in the ocean, while the upper half rose well beyond the clouds. Its width was also beyond absurd, easily surpassing the width of the entire Thunder Fortress by many times.

When the Miniature Ancient World's native players saw this door, they couldn't help but be deeply shocked. They didn't think the World Gate, which served as a connection point for the World Passage, would be such a spectacular sight.

Amidst the 100,000-plus ships, a fleet led by one Common Warship and supported by several Bronze Speedboats and several dozen Advanced Speedboats could be seen carefully making its way to the World Gate. Meanwhile, standing at the helm of the Common Warship was a Level 137, Tier 4 elderly man carrying a greatsword on his back.

In the current Miniature Ancient World, there was no native expert player who wouldn't recognize this old man.

Thousand Swords!

He was the Great Elder of the Super Guild World Dominators and one of their God's Domain's few Tier 6 experts.

Although Tier 6 experts became insignificant along with the myriad worlds' descent, the strength Thousand Swords could exhibit in the Miniature Ancient World was still impressive. In one instance, the fleet Thousand Swords led had defeated two foreign fleets out in open water. At the time, Thousand Swords himself had also single-handedly held back four fourth-floor experts. According to rumors, Thousand Swords was now only one step away from reaching the standard of titled experts.

It should be known that in the current Miniature Ancient World, even the various hegemonic powers would only have one or two titled experts under their command, while most superpowers didn't even have titled experts under their command. So, Thousand Swords' presence had allowed World Dominators to become a superpower that was only second to the various hegemonic powers in the Miniature Ancient World.

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