Chapter 375 - Level 5 Affinity
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"Zero Wing's Acting Guild Leader?" Frey was a little surprised by the Guardian Knight's answer. "Are you talking about the Zero Wing that killed Dira?"

"Yes, that Zero Wing." The Guardian Knight nodded.

The news of Dira getting killed had long since spread across the entire Starlight Realm, and any power operating in the Starlight Realm would know about it. It was especially so for the powers based near the Sea of Giants now that the Divine Seal Saint had sent the Wind Seal Commander, one of the Four Seals, there to await the opening of the Miniature Ancient World's World Passage.

"Have that person in the Seven Luminaries Alliance carefully look into this matter. If it turns out to be true, this matter is going to be interesting," Frey said, her lips curling up a little. "But be sure to do things secretly. We must not let a third party know about this matter."

"Rest assured, Young Miss. That person is a confidant trained by the Galaxy Conglomerate. He will never leak this information to other powers," the Guardian Knight assured.

"Good. You should know how important a Great Grandmaster Magician is to the Galaxy Conglomerate. If any mistakes occur, you won't be able to afford the consequences," Frey calmly said.

"Understood!" The Guardian Knight hurriedly nodded, cold sweat rolling down his forehead. "I won't disappoint you on this matter, Young Miss!"

While Frey was looking into the latest Great Grandmaster Magician going by the name of Ye Feng, the Starlight Realm's various hegemonic powers and conglomerate were also frantically looking into this person. They even offered to give anyone who could provide useful information related to Ye Feng a permanent resident status in a first-tier city.

When this news spread, the entire Starlight Realm instantly went into an uproar.

For ordinary players, just the opportunity to gain permanent residence in a third-tier city was already an unattainable dream. As for permanent residence in a first-tier city, that was something not even mental strength grandmasters would dare to think of obtaining. At most, they could afford to visit a first-tier city for a few days every now and then.

Yet, now, there was an opportunity to gain permanent residency in a first-tier city simply by providing information on Ye Feng. How could everyone not be shocked?

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