Chapter 377 - Void Gods
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The sight of the six-winged emblem on the five Bronze Warships dumbfounded the various powers gathered before the World Gate.

Bronze Warships were very recognizable. This was because Bronze Warships were a cut above Common and Advanced Warships. Moreover, they came with twofold Tier 4 defensive magic arrays that could stop the attacks of even Superior Mythic monsters.

It was no exaggeration to say that one Bronze Warship was enough to make up an entire fleet by itself.

A force of five Bronze Warships was something none of the various hegemonic powers dared to think of having in the Miniature Ancient World.

Yet, now, it was revealed that this unbelievable fleet originated from Zero Wing, a Guild that hadn't even come into contact with the Greater God's Domain yet.

"How is this possible?"

Gu Yiren wore a complicated look on his face when he saw several familiar figures standing on Zero Wing's five Bronze Warships. Apart from Black Flame, the man who had killed him once before, he also spotted Rampant Blade, a former member of the now-defunct Shadow Guild. He even saw Wu Lingling, a newcomer who had made a splash during the newcomer competition of Jin Hai City's God's Domain Academy, and Lin Yaoyue, the director of Jin Hai City's God's Domain Academy.

Currently, not only did all of these people reach Tier 4 already but the way they carried themselves was completely different. It was obvious that their current combat standards were drastically greater than before.

If these people combined their current strength with the contribution points they could accumulate with the help of five Bronze Warships, it wasn't hard to imagine how big of an improvement they would have once they entered the Greater God's Domain.

"So what if Zero Wing has five Bronze Warships?" Tao Yuwei on the side said, curling her lips. "All they're doing is putting up pointless resistance. Once the World Passage is open, the Paimon Conglomerate will definitely send its army from the Greater God's Domain. At that time, Zero Wing won't even dare to enter

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