Chapter 315 - Kingdom Treasure Chest
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 315 - Kingdom Treasure Chest

TL Notes:

Fixed a mistake in Chapters 297, 306:

annual Rookie Competition -> monthly Rookie Competition

Unforgettable Leaf.

A peerless genius of the Myriad Forest Empire's Heavenly Boa Guild. He was also a titled expert recognized by the Seven Luminaries Alliance from a young age.

The Undying Shadow!

Unforgettable Leaf's title was known throughout the entire Myriad Forest Empire. This was because during his battle against Impact Giant, the empire's Sixth Paragon, during the Battle of Geniuses, Impact Giant had only managed to kill him after putting in a lot of effort and taking advantage of the arena's limited space.

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If not for the battlefield's restriction, Unforgettable Leaf could have simply used Void Walk, ending the fight in a stalemate.

After the Battle of Geniuses, Unforgettable Leaf had even grasped the secret mental technique Shadowless Killing Intent. With the help of this secret technique, he didn't even need to find opportunities to re-enter the world and strike at his opponent. He could simply rely on Shadowless Killing Intent to exhaust his opponent's Concentration. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Unforgettable Leaf was invincible in the fields.

Yet, now, Shi Feng had killed Unforgettable Leaf out in the fields. Moreover, he had executed his attack so quickly that Unforgettable Leaf had died in the void without being able to react in time.

He killed him? Just like that?

Wu Xiaoxiao's eyes widened in disbelief when she saw Unforgettable Leaf's body disappearing into the void.

The void Unforgettable Leaf had dived into wasn't something that could be reached simply by shattering space. Instead, it was akin to an alternate world connected to the original world. Although the two worlds were connected, a world barrier separated them.

The world barrier in question was much stronger than even the world barrier of the miniature world created using World Creation. Even Tier 5 existences would have great difficulty breaking it, let alone landing an attack on Unforgettable Leaf after breaking the world barrier.

The reason Void Walk was powerful wasn't just because it was difficult to break the world barrier with normal attacks. Instead, it was also because there existed a considerable distance between the Void Walk user and the world barrier, even if the world barrier looked like it was only centimeters away from the Void Walk user.

Meanwhile, this distance would create enough time for the Void Walk user to dodge any oncoming attacks.

So, Wu Xiaoxiao found it inconceivable that Unforgettable Leaf had gotten killed without reacting to Shi Feng's attack.

When Shi Feng saw the surprised look on Wu Xiaoxiao's face, he chuckled and explained, "He might have learned Void Walk, but his mastery is low. The most he can do is walk around in the void. He still cannot integrate into the void. So, any attack that can achieve Spatial Destruction will reach him without any buffer time. If he cannot react to the attack when it is executed in the outside world, he won't be able to dodge it even if he enters the void."

Void Walk was indeed a profound technique capable of rivaling World Creation.

However, Void Walk was divided into multiple levels.

Meanwhile, players would only need to reach an entry-level in the technique to freely travel in and out of the void. This was something even Shi Feng could do.

True Void Walk experts could integrate their bodies with the void, making it impossible for players in the outside world to locate their presence in the void. Moreover, they could traverse the void as naturally as breathing. They could even selectively hide parts of their body in the void. Simply put, they could accomplish attacks far beyond the imagination of ordinary experts. They had no need to hide in the void and rely on mental attacks to defeat their opponents.

"He can only walk around in the void?" Wu Xiaoxiao grew a little speechless when she heard Shi Feng talking about Void Walk so nonchalantly.

If World Creation was the technique that all magical class players in God's Domain dreamed of mastering, then Void Walk was the technique that all melee class players dreamed of learning.

Not only could Void Walk be used to dodge the suppression of World Creation, but it could also be used to diversify one's attacks.

Meanwhile, just the ability to traverse the void was already enough to put many melee class experts in awe. Players could also use this ability to avoid defeat in most, if not all, scenarios.

Yet, Shi Feng spoke about Void Walk as if it were an insignificant technique...

While Shi Feng and Wu Xiaoxiao were talking, the sound of a system notification suddenly entered their ears.

System: Congratulations! You have passed the first round of the Ancient River Secret Land's preliminaries. Rewarding one Kingdom Treasure Chest.

System: The Kingdom Treasure Chest will last for ten days. It will become invalid if it expires or is brought out of the Ancient River Secret Land.

"Incredible! I can't believe they would give such an amazing reward on the preliminaries' first round!" Wu Xiaoxiao's eyes widened in surprise when she looked at the crystalline treasure chest that had appeared before her.

A Kingdom Treasure Chest contained astonishing rewards.

It could contain anywhere from Dark-Gold Immortal Equipment to Fragmented Legendary items. It could even contain points for the God's Domain Alliance. Moreover, the awarded amount was extremely generous, ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 points.

The God's Domain Alliance's points were incredibly precious. They were even more well-received than Star Coins.

If people in the Greater World wished to become mental strength grandmasters, gain higher status, and remain youthful for a longer time, the use of various potions was indispensable.

Only, these potions were very expensive.

Take the Life Potion, a potion for improving physical fitness, for example. Under the condition that one had the necessary connections to buy it, one would still have to fork out 50,000 Star Coins per bottle. In addition to the Life Potion, there was also the Soul Potion which was used for improving mental strength. Each Soul Potion cost 100,000 Star Coins.

The average person in a city only earned around 500 to 1,000 Star Coins per month. They couldn't afford to buy one bottle of Life Potion even with an entire year's worth of salary.

However, to achieve any of the goals as mentioned earlier, a person needed to consume at least one Life Potion and one Soul Potion per year. This meant a yearly expenditure of 150,000 Star Coins. There was no way the average person could afford such an expenditure.

Even after going under the Green God Corporation's wing, Wu Xiaoxiao guaranteed this yearly minimum requirement. If she wanted to increase her development speed, she could only rely on herself to purchase more potions.

However, earning such a significant sum of Star Coins was easier said than done.

Meanwhile, the God's Domain Alliance's points were of equal value as Star Coins. In other words, if she had 50,000 points, she could exchange one bottle of Life Potion or other precious resources. Moreover, she could do so directly through the God's Domain Association. She wouldn't need to look for interested sellers or worry about getting fleeced.

So, the fact that she could potentially get 5,000 to 50,000 points in the preliminaries' first round was simply amazing. Even if she was unlucky and only received 5,000 points, that would still be several years' worth of the average person's salary in the Greater World's various cities.

"This kind of reward is normal." When Shi Feng saw Wu Xiaoxiao's sparkling eyes, he smiled and explained, "Don't forget that our registration fee is ten units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. All the collected fees go to the Ancient River Kingdom's six ruling hegemonic powers, so giving out such rewards is nothing to them. Moreover, this is only the first round. There are still several rounds for the preliminaries, and the rewards will only get better from this point forward."

The Ancient River Kingdom's monthly Rookie Competition was a day for the six ruling hegemonic powers to harvest Seven Luminaries Crystals. At the same time, it was also a day for Tier 4 experts to earn money.

Many Tier 4 experts were aware that they couldn't enter the Rookie Competition's top 100 and enter the Ancient River Secret Land's core. Even so, they were still willing to join the Rookie Competition because of these rewards.

So long as they managed to survive one round in the preliminaries, they would have their yearly minimum requirements taken care of. They would have struck gold if they got lucky and survived the second or even third round.

After saying so, Shi Feng promptly opened the Kingdom Treasure Chest before him.

At the same time as Shi Feng concluded his first round in the preliminaries, the plaza outside was in an uproar.

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