Chapter 314 - True Swordsman
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World Creation?!

Wu Xiaoxiao's eyes widened in disbelief when she saw the miniature world's shadow descending upon the forest.

World Creation was an ultimate technique that only an incredibly small number of Tier 5 magical class NPCs could perform. Meanwhile, any Tier 5 player capable of executing World Creation would be invincible among players of the same tier.

Although there were some peerless geniuses in the Greater God's Domain capable of using World Creation at Tier 4, their World Creation was incomplete. They could only exert a limited suppression on their opponents using the power of the world they created. They couldn't prevent their opponents from using the mana in the affected area.

In comparison, a player who could perform a complete World Creation could not only influence their opponent's ability to use ambient mana, but could also suppress their opponent's Life Rating. This was why Tier 5 players who had mastered World Creation were known to be invincible at Tier 5.

Life Rating was the foundation of all creatures in God's Domain, and players were no exception.

So long as a player's Life Rating was weakened, not only would they face a serious reduction in Basic Attributes, but even their Physique would plummet. It was essentially an overall reduction in combat power. In a fight between two Tier 5 players, adding World Creation to one side was enough to separate the two players into two different levels.

Meanwhile, as soon as Shi Feng's World Creation took effect, Unforgettable Leaf's overall parameters instantly fell to the Tier 3 standard.

At this time, Unforgettable Leaf most likely couldn't even beat an ordinary Tier 4 expert, let alone escape from the miniature world Shi Feng created.

World Creation was more like a super-large magic barrier than a normal Mana Domain. Meanwhile, the walls of a complete World Creation were something even Tier 5 players would have to expend significant effort to break through. With his Life Rating reduced to the Tier 3 standard, there was no way Unforgettable Leaf cou

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