Chapter 316 - Ancient River Shocked
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 316 - Ancient River Shocked

Shrine No. 5's plaza:

Silence descended upon the entire plaza when the top 10 players of Shi Feng's batch were announced on the translucent display in the center of the plaza.

"This list can't be right!"

"I don't see Unforgettable Leaf's name anywhere. Did Black Flame really kill him?"

"How can this be? This isn't an arena. If Unforgettable Leaf focuses on running away, how can any Tier 4 player kill him?"

"Not to mention, Unforgettable Leaf is highly valued by Heavenly Boa. He had come here this time to compete for the top 20. Who would dare to eliminate him so early into the competition?"

The various powers' experts couldn't believe their eyes when they looked at the qualification list.

With Unforgettable Leaf's strength, he would have no problems getting into the Rookie Competition's top 20. With the help of Void Walk, not even the Ancient River Kingdom's Ten Great Paragons could kill him.

Not to mention, everyone in the Ancient River Kingdom knew that Unforgettable Leaf was participating in the Rookie Competition on the Heavenly Boa Guild's behalf.

The current Heavenly Boa Guild was only one opportunity away from becoming an upper-ranking hegemonic power. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Conglomerate's assembly could very well be this opportunity. If Heavenly Boa could get into the Galaxy Conglomerate's good graces, it had a very high chance of crossing the final threshold and becoming an upper-ranking hegemonic power.

So, anybody who dared to hinder Unforgettable Leaf and the other geniuses from Heavenly Boa would essentially be making an enemy out of the entire Guild.

"To think Unforgettable Leaf would get eliminated in the first round... Brother Black Flame has made a really huge mess..."

Desolate Fury was a little flabbergasted as he looked at Shi Feng, who had just returned to the plaza.

Desolate Fury wasn't surprised that Shi Feng had defeated Unforgettable Leaf. After all, the Seven Luminaries Alliance had recognized Shi Feng's strength and evaluated him to be stronger than even the Twin Saints Alliance's Saint Nine. On the other hand, Unforgettable Leaf only ranked 32nd in the Myriad Forest Empire's most recent Battle of Geniuses.

What Desolate Fury did not expect was for Unforgettable Leaf to get killed--on the first round of the preliminaries, no less.

If news of this reached Heavenly Boa, the Guild's anger could definitely cause the entire Ancient River Kingdom to tremble.


While Temple No. 5's plaza had fallen into silence, about a dozen players in Temple No. 2's plaza gathered together. Every one of these players had reached Level 140 already, and they all wore the Heavenly Boa Guild's emblem. Even the weakest among them was a fourth-floor expert, and nearly half of them were titled experts.

After these Heavenly Boa members grouped up, a female Ranger approached them a moment later. The Ranger had pink hair that reached down to her waist. She wore a red and black leather jacket of exquisite quality, the jacket highlighting her perfect proportions. When she walked across the plaza, many of the surrounding players couldn't help but turn their heads and look at her, captivated by her beauty.

However, when these players used their Identification Skills on the female Ranger and saw her name, a chill instantly spread across their bodies.

Empress Blood Arrow, Leroja!

Leroja was one of Heavenly Boa's Seven Great Paragons. Two years ago, she was also one of the Myriad Forest Empire's Ten Great Geniuses. However, after winning third place in last year's Battle of Geniuses, she stopped participating in the empire's Battle of Geniuses. She was a legendary figure among the Myriad Forest Empire's younger generation.

Many experts even speculated that if Empress Blood Arrow had participated in the most recent Battle of Geniuses, she might be able to compete with the first- and second-place winners.

It should be known that the Battle of Geniuses' first and second place winners this time were both incredible individuals.

The former was a paragon the Myriad Forest Empire would only see once every century, while the latter was a paragon nurtured by the Paimon Conglomerate. Both of these individuals had the potential to become bigshots standing at the apex of God's Domain in the future.

After approaching the group of Heavenly Boa members, Leroja scanned the group before asking with a dissatisfied expression, "What did you call me here all of a sudden?"

"Lady Leroja, we just received news that Unforgettable Leaf got eliminated in the first round..." a male Guardian Knight said tentatively.

"Eliminated? In the first round?" Leroja was evidently surprised by this news. "Is it one of the Ancient River Kingdom's paragons? Or did the paragons of other kingdoms make a move?"

Unforgettable Leaf was one of the geniuses receiving priority training from Heavenly Boa. He might not be exceptionally strong, but he had learned the Void Walk technique. With the help of this technique, only a handful of young experts from the Ancient River Kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms had the ability to kill him.

"No. According to the information we got, it was a man named Black Flame who killed Unforgettable Leaf," the Guardian Knight said, shaking his head. "This news has already spread across the entire Ancient River Kingdom, and the various powers are all talking about it in private."

"Black Flame?" When Leroja heard the name of Black Flame, she asked in surprise, "Do you mean the person who came in seventh in that Miniature Ancient World's God List?"

"That's right, it's him." The Guardian Knight nodded. "Black Flame has severely disrupted our plans. He has also cast a layer of doubt on our influence in the Ancient River Kingdom. So, the Grand Elders want us to rectify this problem and show the Ancient River Kingdom's people that the Heavenly Boa Guild isn't some pushover."

"Those old bastards sure know how to order people around." Leroja's dissatisfaction soared when she heard about the Grand Elders' command. "He's only a kid who's slightly stronger than Saint Nine, yet they want me to make a move? Are those old bastards going senile?"

Although Leroja's voice sounded soft and moving, the words she uttered caused the Heavenly Boa members present to shudder.

"You've misunderstood, Lady Leroja. The Grand Elders don't intend to let you take action. It isn't necessary for you to take care of such a trivial matter, either," the Guardian Knight hurriedly said. "The Grand Elders have asked Lord Markless Blade to handle this matter."

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"Markless?" Leroja couldn't help but laugh. "Indeed, he is quite suitable for this task."

"Lord Markless Blade has always refused to see the Grand Elders or us, so the Grand Elders hope that you can talk to him, Lady Leroja," the Guardian Knight said anxiously. "If you are unwilling to speak, we can also go with you and explain the situation to him for you."

The Heavenly Boa Guild's Seven Great Paragons all had different personalities. Among them, Markless Blade was the craziest. Besides Leroja and a few others in the Guild, Markless Blade refused to listen to anybody else. This situation gave the Guild's Grand Elders a huge headache.

However, the Guild's Grand Elders couldn't do anything about it.

Markless Blade was not only one of Heavenly Boa's Seven Great Paragons but also the newly appointed vice commander of the Star Lake Legion's madwoman Red Frost. So, he had the qualifications to act so arrogantly.

"Okay, come with me, then. However, it is up to you whether you can persuade him to act."

Leroja had her interest piqued. Immediately, she spent some Seven Luminaries Crystals and teleported to another temple's plaza with the other Heavenly Boa members.

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