Chapter 280 - Second Test
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As soon as Chen Qitian finished speaking, an uproar occurred in the lobby. Nobody thought Chen Qitian would come here for the sake of Thousand Scars.

Thousand Scars was currently ranked 41st in the selection. However, this result was one that she had gotten a few days ago. For a genius who had only entered the Greater World recently, a few days was enough to achieve significant growth.

When Thousand Scars had risen to the 41st rank, it had sparked a lot of discussion from the various participants of the selection. Many powers had also investigated Thousand Scars' background, and what they found had given them a shock.

—Thousand Scars was a genius nurtured internally by the Paimon Conglomerate. Not only that, but she was also young and beautiful like a goddess.

Upon learning of Thousands Scars' situation, many talented young men in Star Lake City suddenly became her admirers. Meanwhile, by the looks of the current situation, Chen Qitian was also trying to woo Thousand Scars.

"I wonder if that guy will agree?"

"Do you think he has a choice?"

"Haha, I guess you're right. But he'll also receive Second Young Master Chen's good graces in the future."

Nobody in the lobby looked at Shi Feng enviously anymore when they heard Chen Qitian's words. Instead, they only looked at him in mockery.

So what if Shi Feng got to talk with Purple Jade?

So what if Shi Feng got to become an official participant in the Star Lake Legion?

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In the end, wasn't he still going to end up as someone's dog?

While everyone was having hushed discussions among themselves, Shi Feng suddenly laughed.

Chen Qitian grew dissatisfied when he heard Shi Feng laughing. "What are you laughing for? Did you not hear what I said?"

As a genius who had only entered the Greater World recently, Shi Feng might have great potential and talent. However, in Chen Qitian's opinion, Shi Feng was still nothing but an ant. He felt he was already generous with the conditions he had offered Shi Feng.

"Why am I laughing?" Shi Feng chuckled as he looked at Chen Qitian. "You want me to leave Zero Wing and ask for Thousand Scars' forgiveness? Aren't you thinking too highly of yourself?"

Chen Qitian immediately grew furious upon hearing Shi Feng's words. "So, are you going to reject my goodwill?"

"I'm rejecting it now," Shi Feng said as he looked at Chen Qitian nonchalantly. "What can you do about it?"

As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, the entire lobby fell silent as the surrounding spectators looked at Shi Feng in disbelief.

"Is he crazy?"

Shi Feng's response was completely outside everyone's expectations. Nobody ever thought that a newbie to the Greater World with no background whatsoever would dare to provoke Chen Qitian.

The next moment, Chen Qitian's complexion could be seen turning livid. If not for the God's Domain Association prohibiting fights, everyone did not doubt that Chen Qitian would have his four bodyguards cripple Shi Feng.

"Good! Very good! I'll remember your words!" Chen Qitian said furiously. "I hope you won't regret your words today!"

After saying so, Chen Qitian left the lobby with his four bodyguards. The instant he turned around, those who met his gaze felt a freezing chill crawling down their spines.

"This guy must be insane! That's the Dawn Light Corporation's Chen Qitian we are talking about! This guy shouldn't be thinking of leaving the God's Domain Association ever again!"

"With this, it wouldn't matter even if he becomes an official participant in the Star Lake Legion in the future…"

Everyone could tell that Chen Qitian was serious about his threat. Meanwhile, the fearsomeness of Chen Qitian wasn't something a newbie to the Greater World like Shi Feng would understand.

One word from Chen Qitian was enough to turn Shi Feng into a cripple. Shi Feng might even disappear from Star Lake City entirely.

"Guild Leader Shi Feng, I'm afraid Chen Qitian won't let this matter rest…" Purple Jade said, an ugly expression appearing on her face. She never thought that someone like Chen Qitian would become one of Thousand Scars' admirers. She also didn't think that Shi Feng would provoke Chen Qitian to such an extent.

The Dawn Light Corporation might not be a conglomerate, but it was still a corporation that had existed for well over a century. It was also one of the top five most influential corporations in Star Lake City, and it wasn't an existence that any individual person or hegemonic power could go up against.

Even if Shi Feng managed to become an official participant in the Star Lake Legion, Chen Qitian could abuse Chen Qilin's position in the legion to forcibly strip away Shi Feng's status. Meanwhile, so long as Shi Feng lost his status as an official participant, it would become a child's play for Chen Qitian to banish him from Star Lake City and deal with him.

"I know." Shi Feng nodded. Then, he nonchalantly said, "But it won't be so easy for him to deal with me."

Not even the almighty apex powers and conglomerates could do anything against him in his previous life, let alone Chen Qitian and the Dawn Light Corporation behind him.

Purple Jade was at a loss for words when she heard Shi Feng's response.

This was one of Star Lake City's top five corporations they were talking. They were more than capable of making even official participants of the Star Lake Legion disappear. There were even precedents of such situations happening.

"You certainly are Zero Wing's Acting Guild Leader, Guild Leader Shi Feng. You won't give in even when dealing with the Dawn Light Corporation."

A clear and gentle voice suddenly came from nearby. When Purple Jade turned to this voice, she saw two women dressed in office wear approaching them. Upon seeing the woman walking in the lead, Purple Jade subconsciously gaped in shock.

"What brings you here, Vice President Xia?" Purple Jade asked as she looked at the alluring and elegant woman before her in disbelief.

In the past, Purple Jade never truly understood how powerful the mysterious Green God Corporation was. However, after entering the Greater World, she came to understand just how powerful and high of a position the Green God Corporation held here.

The Greater World was a place that connected countless worlds. However, only an incredibly small number of worlds could give birth to a company that could be regarded as a corporation in the Greater World. Meanwhile, every corporation in the Greater World was an existence that even the various hegemonic powers of God's Domain had to try and curry favor from.

As for the vice president of a corporation, that was an existence that stood above even the Guild Leaders of the various hegemonic powers.

"I originally came here to discuss a partnership with Guild Leader Shi Feng," Xia Qingying said in response to Purple Jade's question. Then, she turned to Shi Feng and smiled, "But I didn't think I would get to see such a scene. You have given me a real surprise."

"Are you disappointed, Vice President Xia?" Shi Feng asked, smiling.

"No, no, no!" Xia Qingying shook her head. "This situation has only furthered my resolve to partner with Zero Wing."

The Green God Corporation wants to partner with Zero Wing? Purple Jade's eyes widened in shock, her mind thinking that Xia Qingying must be joking.

After all, a corporation in the Greater World was seeking to partner with a Guild that wasn't even a hegemonic power in God's Domain. This was unprecedented in the Greater World.

"I'm sure Zero Wing has already given you a reply, Vice President Xia. Between Zero Wing and the Flower of Seven Sins, you can only choose one of us," Shi Feng said as she looked at Xia Qingying strangely. He had already made himself very clear to Lu Wen previously.

"I understand." Xia Qingying nodded. "Which is why I am not here on behalf of the Green God Corporation but in my individual capacity instead. I wish to invest in Zero Wing and become a shareholder of Zero Wing. Although I cannot match the resources offered by the Green God Corporation's Grade 1 resource slot, I can offer Zero Wing resources greater than what is offered by the corporation's Grade 2 resource slot. For example, I can provide Zero Wing with some entry slots into the Greater World and assistance in the Miniature Ancient World in the form of combat power and resources."

"What does Zero Wing have to do in exchange?" Shi Feng asked.

Xia Qingying's offer was considerably tempting. It was especially true for the Greater World's entry slots. Every additional person he could bring into the Greater World would boost Zero Wing's combat power in the Greater World significantly.

"I don't want much, just 10% of Zero Wing's shares. I also need you to take care of some matters in the Miniature Ancient World for me," Xia Qingying said with a light smile. "That's not too much to ask, right?"

After pondering for a moment, Shi Feng asked, "Can you get me some entry slots into the Greater World in the next few days?"

"It will be difficult, but I can do it," Xia Qingying said after thinking over Shi Feng's request. "However, I'm afraid it will only be a few slots."

"Even a few are fine." Shi Feng nodded. "In that case, I officially accept this partnership offer on behalf of Zero Wing. As for the contract, it should be fine if we sign it in God's Domain, right?"

"No problem," Xia Qingying answered without hesitation, seemingly having expected this arrangement already.

This scene dumbfounded Purple Jade. She never thought that a bigshot like Xia Qingying would hold Zero Wing in such high regard. For a moment, Purple Jade even had the urge to contact the Secret Pavilion and have the Secret Pavilion deepen its partnership with Zero Wing.

Afterward, Shi Feng and Xia Qingying discussed the finer details of the partnership. In addition to the Greater World's entry slots, Shi Feng had also requested Xia Qingying to provide Zero Wing with a Warship in Crying Sea City capable of carrying at least 100 players. In response, Xia Qingying agreed to lend Zero Wing a Bronze Warship that could accommodate up to 120 people without hesitation. From this generous gesture, one could see that the Green God Corporation's foundation was vastly superior to ordinary hegemonic powers.

After their discussion ended, Shi Feng entered the mental space and began his second test attempt.

"Don't you think we are losing out too much in this partnership, Vice President Xia?" Lu Wen quietly asked Xia Qingying after seeing that Shi Feng had already left. "Zero Wing might have Black Flame, but Shi Feng has offended Chen Qitian. We'll have to pay a huge price if we want to protect Shi Feng…"

"We don't have to worry about that. So long as Shi Feng enters the top 50, the Dawn Light Corporation will have difficulty removing him from the Star Lake Legion," Xia Qingying calmly said. "Shi Feng got into the top 100 on his first attempt, so it is highly likely that he can get into the top 50 on his second attempt. So long as he enters the top 50, he'll catch the attention of the Star Lake Legion's commander. At that time, unless Chen Qilin can find a suitable reason, he will have no way of touching Shi Feng."

After thinking over Xia Qingying's words, Lu Wen nodded in agreement. The Star Lake Legion's newly promoted commander was no ordinary individual. The woman wasn't on the same side as Chen Qilin and the Dawn Light Corporation, either. If Shi Feng could catch the new commander's attention, even Chen Qilin would be powerless to do anything against him.

After Xia Qingying and Lu Wen waited in the test hall for some time, Shi Feng's test result suddenly appeared on the scoreboard.

Mental Grade: Two-Star Mental Strength Master; Potential Rating: 97; Mental Strength Rating: S; Mental Control Rating: S…

Overall Ranking: 1!

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