Chapter 279 - Empress Purple Jade
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God's Domain Association's first-floor lobby:

Although it was still early in the morning, when Shi Feng arrived at the test hall, there were already well over a hundred people waiting in line. Most of these people looked quite young, their ages under 25 on average. These youths stood in groups of several people, and each group wore a different type of uniform that indicated their respective origins. While waiting for their turn, these youths wore anxious and excited expressions. At the same time, a hint of contempt also appeared in their eyes when they looked at the participants waiting in line by themselves.

No wonder my ranking fell by so much. So it's because the various corporations have begun to make their move.

Realization dawned on Shi Feng when he saw the youths waiting in line.

A city legion's slots were incredibly precious. It was one of the few opportunities for most players to climb their way into the upper echelons of a city. Meanwhile, to the Greater World's various corporations, this was also the quickest method to gain authority in a city.

Hence, the Greater World's various corporations wouldn't just try to recruit people who had successfully entered a city legion. At the same time, they would also nurture their own experts to join the various city legions. This would further increase their authority and influence in the various cities.

Meanwhile, the experts the various corporations nurtured were all geniuses carefully selected out of tens of thousands of youths. After receiving the various corporations' training and resources, these youths all came to possess frightening strength.

As a result, whenever a city legion selection took place, the various corporations would usually occupy more than half of the available slots. It was especially true for the top 100 ranks, also known as the official participant slots. Over 70% of the official participant slots in a city legion selection would typically go to the various corporations' experts.

While Shi Feng was about to join the waiting line, a clear voice suddenly came from behind him.

"What a coincidence, Guild Leader Shi Feng. Are you also here to take the test?"

The person who spoke was Purple Jade. She just so happened to have walked out of the mental space at this time and saw Shi Feng, so she took the initiative to walk over and greet him. She was dressed in a light blue shirt and shorts, and she had her hair tied into a ponytail, her appearance giving her a vibrant feeling.

"You've never left your room throughout the past two weeks. I nearly thought you had lost interest in the selection."

Purple Jade's initiative to greet Shi Feng quickly attracted many people's attention to Shi Feng, everyone looking at Shi Feng in surprise and envy.

Be it her face or body, Purple Jade could be considered a top-tier beauty even in the Greater World. As a result, she could attract a lot of attention simply by relying on her beauty alone. As icing on the cake, her test result that had just appeared on the lobby's scoreboard was one that the people in the lobby could only look up to in admiration.

Mental Grade: Three-Star Mental Strength Master; Potential Rating: 94; Mental Strength Rating: A; Mental Control Rating: A; Overall Ranking: 47.

Anyone capable of entering the selection's top 100 would already be a genius among geniuses. As for those capable of entering the top 50, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say they were heaven's favored child.

Not to mention, Purple Jade clearly wasn't a genius nurtured by the various corporations. Her growth potential was much greater than experts the various corporations nurtured.

If nothing unexpected happened, Purple Jade would have a high possibility of becoming a vice commander in the Star Lake Legion. At that time, she would become a VIP among Star Lake City's upper echelon, and even Star Lake City's various corporations would have to treat her respectfully.

Meanwhile, the privilege of having such a talented and beautiful woman take the initiative to greet them was something youths like themselves didn't even dare to dream about happening.

"I've been somewhat busy recently," Shi Feng said. He wasn't particularly surprised by Purple Jade's result. After all, the name of Empress Purple Jade was considerably famous in the Greater World during his previous life. So, it was completely normal for her to show such great potential after arriving in the Greater World. Then, Shi Feng smiled and continued, "It seems you have made significant improvements in the time we haven't met, Commander Jade. With this, you are guaranteed to become an official participant in the Star Lake Legion."

"I'm not so sure about that." When Purple Jade looked at her ranking, she shook her head and said, "There might only be two weeks left before the selection ends, but the various corporations still aren't done trying. So, I'm still not certain I can stay within the top 100 by the time the selection ends."

After staying in the Greater World for the past two weeks, she realized just how frightening of a place this was. The so-called Tier 6 God-ranked experts that their homeworld held in high regard were nothing in the Greater World. The resources the Greater World's geniuses had access to were also beyond their homeworld's imagination.

Life Potions that were treated as priceless treasures in their homeworld's Upper Zones were practically no different from drinking water in the Greater World. Not to mention, the Greater World had even higher ranking potions than the Life Potion.

Shortly after Shi Feng and Purple Jade began conversing, a commotion suddenly occurred in the lobby.

At this time, an elegant young man with long hair could be seen walking out of an elevator, and behind the young man followed four men and women wearing suits and sunglasses.

These four men and women exuded a powerful aura. The moment they stepped out of the elevator, the people standing in their way subconsciously stepped aside. It was obvious that their mental strength had reached the grandmaster standard already.

The young man had four one-star mental strength grandmasters serving as his bodyguard. This was a rare sight, even in Star Lake City.

Any mental strength grandmaster could take on temporary positions in the various cities' administration. For one-star mental strength grandmasters under the age of 50, they could even receive the various cities' priority training.

Yet, all four of the young man's bodyguards were clearly under 50…

"Who is that guy? He actually has four one-star mental strength grandmasters working as his bodyguards."

"How can you not know about him? He's the Dawn Light Corporation's second young master, Chen Qitian!"

"Chen Qitian? The one who's ranked 25th on the scoreboard?"

"That's right. Also, you must have heard about Chen Qitian's elder brother, right? Chen Qilin, the Star Lake Legion's paragon-level vice commander."

The crowd in the lobby quickly began a discussion among themselves when they saw Chen Qitian, shock coloring their faces when they spoke about the young man and his background.

The Dawn Light Corporation might not be a conglomerate, but its influence in Star Lake City still ranked within the top five among the various corporations. Meanwhile, a large part of the reason for that was because of Chen Qilin.

However, after seeing Chen Qitian, everyone felt that the Dawn Light Corporation's influence in Star Lake City would become even greater in the future.

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This was because Chen Qitian's talent was not the slightest bit inferior to Chen Qilin. On the contrary, Chen Qitian looked superior to his elder brother. After all, when Chen Qilin joined the Star Lake Legion, he had done so with a result of 43rd place in his selection. Meanwhile, Chen Qitian was currently ranked 25th in the selection. It was just that Chen Qitian was challenging his test at an older age than when Chen Qilin challenged his selection.

"Wait. Chen Qitian looks like he's coming over to the test hall. Didn't he just test himself three days ago? Don't tell me he improved again in such a short time?"

"I doubt that. How much progress can a person possibly make in just three days?"

When the crowd in the lobby saw Chen Qitian making his way to the test hall, they couldn't help but grow confused and curious. After all, Chen Qitian was one of the heirs of the Dawn Light Corporation. He should have received the best training and resources money could buy from a young age, so he should have fully tapped into his potential already. It was highly unlikely that he would achieve significant growth in only three days.

While everyone was wondering about Chen Qitian's purpose in visiting the test hall, Chen Qitian walked up to an inconspicuous person standing amidst the crowd.

When Chen Qitian saw the ordinary sweatsuit Shi Feng wore, a flash of disdain appeared in his eyes as he asked, "Are you Zero Wing's Shi Feng?"

"That's right. Do you have business with me?" Shi Feng asked, confused as to why Chen Qitian would suddenly approach him.

"Good!" After taking another look at Shi Feng, Chen Qitian coldly said, "I see that you have good potential. So long as you leave Zero Wing and receive Miss Thousand Scars' forgiveness, I will ensure that your needs will be met for the rest of your life in Star Lake City."

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