Chapter 278 - Metamorphosis
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"Fourth on the God List?! How is this possible?!"

The anger and dissatisfaction on Lu Wen's face vanished when she saw the updated God-ranked Expert List, and replacing those emotions was shock and confusion.

Shi Feng had merely defeated four titled experts. While such a feat was indeed amazing, it still shouldn't be anywhere near enough to put him on par with those five people.

This was because every one of those five monsters had single-handedly defeated six or more titled experts simultaneously ever since they arrived in the Miniature Ancient World. Every one of them possessed unimaginable strength, and just one of them could serve as the foundation for an ordinary hegemonic power to fight to become an upper-ranking hegemonic power.

However, when she stood before Shi Feng previously, she didn't get the feeling that he was a powerhouse at all. She also didn't think that he was concealing his aura from her.

While it was true that most experts in God's Domain could hide their aura, maintaining this action was exhausting. It was akin to a person blinking. A person might be able to keep themself from blinking, but it'd be impossible to do so across a long period since it would be extremely uncomfortable.

Moreover, even a Beyond Domain Realm expert would have difficulty behaving naturally while maintaining such a state. It was especially true when dealing with experts of her caliber. With her vastly strengthened senses, she would notice even the slightest hint of unnaturalness.

The time she spent with Shi Feng was by no means short. If Shi Feng really was suppressing his aura, he definitely couldn't have fooled her.

"An army of a thousand is easy to raise, but a capable general is hard to find. An expert of such caliber is indispensable for all powers." Xia Qingying did not try to resolve Lu Wen's confusion. Instead, she looked at the God List with an excited expression as she said, "Even the Green God Corporation is no exception."

"Vice President Xia, are you saying that we should…" Unable to help herself, Lu Wen ask

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