Chapter 277 - Asura Sword Emperor
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As night fell in the Dead Soul Sea, a fleet of 30-plus Advanced Ships docked by a small island.

The Dead Soul Sea was a Level 125-plus map, and the sea monsters found here were mostly at Level 127 or above. Moreover, unlike sea monsters in other places, the Dead Soul Sea's sea monsters were incredibly nimble and hard to kill. Even the various hegemonic powers' main fleets would be reluctant to spend time in this place, let alone spend a night on an island in the Dead Soul Sea.

Once night fell in the Top of Two Worlds, many sea monsters would leave the sea to rest on islands. Because of this, the density of sea monsters one would come across on islands at night would be at least ten times greater than during the day. So, very few players would be willing to spend the night on an island.

Yet, the players of this fleet of Advanced Ships behaved oppositely. They showed great enthusiasm when they saw the sea monsters emerging from the sea, their behavior making it seem as if the sea monsters were talking treasure troves.

"We've collected 97 Legacy Stones so far, Big Sis Omen. Three more, and we can synthesize a Legacy Crystal," Summer Wolf, who had already reached Level 121, excitedly reported to Death Omen, who had just single-handedly defeated over a dozen Level 127 Grand Lord ranked sea monsters. "Once we have the Legacy Crystal, you can use it to get promoted to Tier 4, and the Flower of Seven Sins will have its second Tier 4 expert! At that time, we can secure Black Gold City's Medium Shipyard!"

"The Medium Shipyard is not going to happen. I might have grown a lot stronger and acquired a special Legacy, but even if I reach Tier 4 and work together with Gluttony, we have zero chances at securing a slot in the Medium Shipyard," Death Omen said, shaking her head. "The best we can do is secure a Small Shipyard."

"Even reaching Tier 4 is not enough?" Summer Wolf exclaimed.

"If he is only Tier 3, I am confident I can beat him after I reach Tier 4. However, this is Sky Flash we are talking about. He is ranked 5th on the God List. There is no way he is still stuck at Tier 3," Death Omen explained. "Only the Great Commander will have a chance at defeating that person under the same tier."

Summer Wolf did not doubt Death Omen's judgment.

When the God-ranked Expert List was first introduced into the Miniature Ancient World, the top 20 positions would see frequent changes in owners. However, it was a different story for the top 5 positions. The owners of those five ranks had never changed since the God-ranked Expert List appeared, and the five players occupying these five positions were now labeled as the Five Disasters by the myriad worlds' powers.

The reason these five players were labeled as disasters was simple. Should one provoke any of these players, the consequences one suffered would be akin to facing a disaster.

"Big Sis Omen, what rank do you think Black Flame will receive now that he has single-handedly beaten four of Divine Hunters' and Morning Light's Tier 4 titled experts? Top 10? Or top 5?" Summer Wolf asked curiously.

Summer Wolf was personally very curious to learn exactly how powerful the God-ranked Expert List's top 20 experts were. Even as a Domain Realm expert, he couldn't even begin to guess how strong those experts were.

This was because every one of those experts was a Beyond Domain Realm expert. Only Death Omen, who had fought against Beyond Domain Realm experts before and could now be considered a titled expert, could answer such a question.

Although the Seven Luminaries Alliance would update the God-ranked Expert List's rankings once every three days, Summer Wolf still couldn't help but wonder what rank Black Flame would receive.

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"Top 5 is out of the question, but he will definitely get into the top 10. If I were to harbor a guess, he should be ranked 7th or 8th," Death Omen said definitively.

Unlike Summer Wolf, she had seen Sky Flash, the 5th ranked player on the God List, in person. When standing in that monster's presence, she only felt despair, and her mind instinctively warned her to stay as far away as possible from him. This was the second player she had felt such a feeling after the Flower of Seven Sins' Great Commander.

This was also why she felt that only the Great Commander had a chance at defeating Sky Flash.

Of course, she also had to admit that Black Flame's performance outside Crying Sea City was astonishing. It was incredible that he managed to kill three veteran paragons and repel one all by himself. If not for the God List's top 5 players being overly strong, Black Flame could definitely achieve a much higher rank.

Shortly after Death Omen finished speaking, a liaison officer of the Flower of Seven Sins suddenly approached her, an excited expression on his face as he held a list he had just finished writing. "Commander! The Seven Luminaries Alliance just published a new version of the God-ranked Expert List! Here are the latest rankings!"

"Wasn't the God List updated only yesterday? Why did it get updated again now?" Summer Wolf grew confused as he received the list.

It was common knowledge that the God-ranked Expert List would only get updated once every three days. This had never changed since the list was introduced in the Miniature Ancient World. This impromptu update was definitely a first.

"Not much has changed to the list," Death Omen said as she scanned the list from top to bottom. Then, she saw something that piqued her curiosity as she muttered, "Prayer is in 8th, and Blood Perforation is in 7th? Why have their ranks dropped? Could Black Flame be ranked 6th?"

As Death Omen continued down the list, her gaze abruptly stopped at the fourth place, her eyes widening in utter disbelief.

4th - Black Flame!

As for Sky Flash, the person she felt intimidated by, he had fallen to sixth place…

There was also a small introduction attached to Black Flame's name.

—Defeated four Titled Experts outside Crying Sea City, mastered World Creation, and slayed two Titled Experts in one move. The Seven Luminaries Alliance awards Black Flame the title of Asura Sword Emperor.

"Fourth place? Another Disaster?" Summer Wolf was similarly dumbfounded by the Seven Luminaries Alliance's latest version of the God-ranked Expert List.

It should be known that the God List's top 5 experts were individuals greatly feared by even the various hegemonic powers. Moreover, every one of them had monopolized an entire Medium Shipyard for themselves. Yet, now, another expert of such caliber had appeared. Moreover, this expert was even the Flower of Seven Sins' enemy.

In a certain Upper Zone, inside the top-floor office of a Green God Corporation Building…

"I've tried my best, Vice President Xia," Lu Wen said, sighing after she finished reporting to Xia Qingying regarding Zero Wing's answer to the Green God Corporation's partnership offer. When she recalled Shi Feng's response to the offer, she couldn't help but feel infuriated. "Zero Wing's Black Flame is simply a lunatic. He simply refuses to listen to any advice. He even tried to get us to choose between Zero Wing and the Flower of Seven Sins…"

Shi Feng's achievement of defeating four titled experts was indeed amazing. However, such an achievement was nowhere near enough to bridge the gap between Zero Wing and the Flower of Seven Sins. After all, according to the Green God Corporation's evaluation, Zero Wing only had the potential to become an ordinary hegemonic power, whereas the Flower of Seven Sins had the potential to become an upper-ranking hegemonic power.

"Lunatic?" Xia Qingying, sitting behind her desk, smiled when she heard Lu Wen's words. Then, she handed a list to Lu Wen and said, "But I think Black Flame is very sane. Here, take a look at the latest God-ranked Expert List."

Lu Wen was initially confused by Xia Qingying's words. However, she quickly became stunned when she looked at the list on the desk.

God List's 4th place, Asura Sword Emperor!

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